Rolex watches
ROLEX at Armour Winston in Mayfair London

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive a watch for Christmas this year – whether it was a vintage Rolex or contemporary Patek Philippe – then you’ve hopefully been taking good care of it!

Accidents can happen though, particularly during the festive season, when kids are running riot and everyone has had a few too many glasses of mulled wine. So if you’ve damaged your watch face or strap, you might be feeling a little concerned, whether it’s under warranty or not. There’s no need to worry, as there are specialist jewellers in Mayfair who can help; here are a couple of our recommendations.

David Duggan Watches

London’s leading fine watch dealers specialise in vintage and pre-owned watches, but they also carry out repairs on most types of watches, whether you need a new strap or repairs to the mechanism. With their own fully qualified Swiss-trained watchmaker on site, David Duggan Watches are a firm you can trust for all kinds of watch repairs.

Russell Talerman

Russell Talerman specialise in Rolex repairs, but no matter what your brand of watch, they can refurbish it or restore it to full working order. Carrying out a whole range of repairs and restoration work, they can replace your watch glass or battery or carry out a valet service to ensure your watch remains in good shape. With state of the art machinery and highly trained technicians, they’re a one-stop shop for all your watch repairs in Mayfair.



16th April 2020
16th April 2020
16th April 2020
16th April 2020
15th April 2020

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