Just One Night In Mayfair: 5 Things To Do At Night

So, you’re planning to hit London’s Mayfair precinct for just one night only but need help figuring out where to begin? Well, you’re in the right place! We know all the hotspots that you won’t want to miss! From one of London’s finest steak restaurants to clubs and casinos, there really is something for everyone in this iconic location. 

With so many hidden gems in Mayfair, cramming all there is to see in just one evening will be tough. However, when there’s only just a handful of hours on your side, here are 5 things you must do when spending just a single night in Mayfair:

  1. Visit A Museum.
  2. Eat Like Royalty.
  3. Visit St James’ Palace
  4. Hit The Casino.
  5. Dance The Night Away.

1. Visit A Museum

Before they close at 6 PM, head on over to one of Mayfair’s iconic museums for some early evening entertainment to wind down from the day.

You can find the Royal Institution just a stone’s throw from Piccadilly Circus’ tube line. Here, you will scratch the scientific side of your brain with the help of experts and mind-blowing props for the ultimate historical experience. 

Alternatively, you could visit the Handel & Hendrix museum. This breathtaking experience guides you through a Georgian Brook Street house, home to one of the greatest composers of all time, Handel. Three hundred years later, Jimi Hendrix became a Brook Street resident, with only a wall separating his flat from Handel’s. You can visit the Handel & Hendrix museum to see the small spaces shared by two iconic musicians, complete with outfits, music and fascinating facts. 

2. Eat like Royalty

London is the food capital of England and by staying in Mayfair, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Home to one of the best steak restaurants in London, The Meat & Wine Co, Mayfair serves up some of the best fine dining experiences in town. 

When visiting The Meat & Wine Co, you can expect the ultimate in luxury dining. From a dry-aged steak that has gone through a prestigious ageing process for extra flavour enhancement to a beautiful selection of wines, there’s nothing quite like the experience of being served like royalty when enjoying a delicious meal in London. 

3. Marvel At St. James’s Palace At Night

Nothing says London like a palace, and Mayfair is close to the breathtaking St. James’s Palace. To avoid the bustle of crowds, we recommend visiting at night to see the exquisite 16th-century palace in all its glory. 

Members of the royal family can still be spotted at the palace when completing work duties, with the royal apartments and offices being fundamental to their work. Although it’s less likely to spot a royal at night, it isn’t completely unheard of! Regardless of who you spot, we are confident that the sight of this historic building will be a memory you won’t forget. 

4. Hit The Casino

If museums and palaces aren’t your cup of tea, a casino may be more fitting. Luckily, Mayfair is home to many, so you won’t struggle to find one! One of the most popular options is The Palm Beach Casino, situated a 2-minute walk from The Ritz, so you won’t miss it! 

Alternatively, you could edge towards Hyde Park to hit other casinos such as Les Ambassadeurs and The Metropolitan. Whichever casino you go with, you can be confident that you will be met with a fancy interior that will leave you feeling luxurious and lucky. 

5. Dance The Night Away

There is no better place to spend your night dancing than in London. We always say it’s more about the people you’re with, but selecting a good club will set you in the right direction for an unbelievable night. 

We recommend starting your night at The May Fair Bar, an all-around great venue for drinks, music and location. Then, once you and your tribe are feeling merry, you could take to Cirque le Soir for an unforgettably wild evening that will leave you thoroughly entertained. Another nightclub favourite is The Carwash, where you will be subject to retro hits and extravagant drinks, performers and attendees!

The Final Word

There really is something for everyone in Mayfair, making it clear why it is a firm favourite for many visitors and London natives. Whether you choose to step back to the Tudor period by visiting St. James’s Palace, look to the future by visiting a science expedition at The Royal Institution or live in the moment by hitting up some of London’s best nightclubs and bars.

The options are infinite, but one thing you can be confident of is that you will have a fantastic night and make memories that last a lifetime (unless you have one too many cocktails at The Carwash!).