James Bond or hipster? Choosing one of the 5 male characters in the casino

While the casino’s clothing choices are restricted by the casino dress code, there are plenty of scopes to create an interesting and truly stylish look. Of course, not all players are interested in playing the game of elegance; those who frequent casino sites not on gamstop don’t usually care what they’re wearing, since one of the perks of online gambling is the ability to stay indoors. However, if you’re planning a trip to an exclusive London casino like Les Ambassadeurs or The Ritz Club, it’s worth experimenting with your wardrobe; the crowds they attract are bound to appreciate most of the looks on offer.

Agent 007

A plain dinner jacket, a snow-white silk shirt, a black bow tie and white moiré braces: Even if you don’t resemble Daniel Craig, it is a look that evokes the Casino Royale blockbuster. The classic James Bond look is very demanding when it comes to footwear as well – instead of the oxfords, go with a pair of black John Lobb derbies. If the dinner jacket looks too posh for the venue you’re heading to, try another 007 outfits: a single-breasted navy suit (ideally Brioni) with a light blue pinstripe shirt, complete with a grey or blue tie. Oh, and don’t forget the cufflinks: they’re essential whether you’re wearing a suit or a dinner jacket. In the film, Bond wears cufflinks by the French brand S.T.Dupont, but any others will do, as long as they are discreet, rectangular and silver.

Sherlock Holmes

Important note: This is not the same Sherlock Holmes that you see in old illustrations of Conan Doyle’s stories, but Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in the cult series. But his most recognisable wardrobe item, the overcoat, isn’t likely to be needed, even in the colder months: outerwear is usually kept in the cloakroom in the expensive casinos. The tweed suits by Spencer Hart, with their slim, two-button placket and impeccable fit, would be appropriate. If you can’t afford Spencer Hart, you can go with any suit that is fitted and made of fine, dark-coloured quality cloth. The shirt should also be a tight fit (Cumberbatch’s Sherlock wears Dolce & Gabbana, but you can choose any other brand), in navy blue or deep purple. And you can save money on the tie: Holmes of the 21st century does perfectly well without this accessory, as he prefers a scarf. The shoes are black leather shoes with a lace-up closure and a small heel.

Classic Gentleman

Mickey Pearson in Guy Ritchie’s Gentlemen is not of British descent, but he dresses like a former London dandy. The secret to the look’s appeal lies in the organic mix of classic and modern elements, such as the traditional checkerboard in unexpectedly bright colours. Dressed like Mickey Pearson you won’t go unnoticed, but you won’t look too extravagant either. To create this look, you’ll need:

1. A double-breasted jacket in bright blue, coffee or navy checkered fabric.
2. A waistcoat of the same fabric.
3. monochrome trousers with arrows in a slightly darker tone (e.g. chocolate for the coffee jacket).
4. A classic shirt: white or the same colour as the jacket.
5. A tie and a cap (the latter must be kept in the wardrobe, but it is necessary as a finishing touch).

Incognito rock star

You don’t need to be a Mick Jagger charisma to pull off this look, especially as it is pretty simple: dark blue or black straight jeans with cheesy boots, a T-shirt, a leather “rocker” black jacket and dark glasses (because a rock star does not want to be identified). The definite pluses of this look are convenience and accessibility; the main disadvantage is that they are not likely to let you in Les Ambassadeurs dressed like this. However, the Hippodrome and other London venues with a more relaxed dress code, as well as poker clubs, are still open for entry into hooded hoodies.


Although this look would not be considered original, it does have one big advantage – you can find almost all of these items in your wardrobe or buy them cheap. The slightly baggy washed jeans with heavy boots, a roomy plaid shirt and a T-shirt under it – it would be like a Canadian lumberjack if not for the immaculate beard, which would indicate regular visits to the nearest barbershop, and not for the expensive frame of fashionable glasses without dioptres. The hipster look may not be for the most fashionable casinos, but it’s so simple and cosy that no one will be surprised if you go for it. Before deciding on a look, it’s worth checking the website for the casino’s dress code – unless, of course, you’ve been there before. If for whatever reason, that information isn’t available, a Sherlock Holmes-Cumberbatch-inspired suit is a better bet, as it gets you into an upscale casino and doesn’t dress you up like a chic, sleek casino.