How To Pick an Office Outfit That Stands Out: A Guide For The Stylish Woman

Do you find it difficult to pick a stylish outfit for the office? You’re not alone. Many women struggle to find an outfit that accentuates their femininity, without looking too casual for the office. With the tips in this guide, you’ll be able to pick an outfit for the office, without any trouble. Stop wearing those boring pants suits and start creating the perfect outfit to wear to the office today.


A great way to make your outfit stand out is to enhance it with unique accessories. Unique accessories are accessories that are not trendy therefore stand out from the accessories that others wear. One example is the pocket watch. Pocket watches were a popular accessory for rich business men in the 1800’s, and are now making their comeback.

This unique accessory is very versatile and can be easily matched with your office outfit. Are you going for a modern working woman’s look? Pick a pocket watch with a silver case and black roman numbers. If you want to stand out even more with a rich and elegant look, go for a golden pocket watch with Victorian decoration on the dial or case.

Another versatile accessory is the scarf. Mainly, small, silk or silk look scarfs can be used as an extra touch to your outfit. There are many interesting ways to tie a scarf around your neck, but a silk scarf can also be tied around your bag, or function as a statement bracelet piece. Furthermore, silk scarfs can be used as hair accessories. Braid it into your hair, use it as a headscarf, or make it a bandana for a more casual and youthful look. But before you go shopping for a new outfit, consider getting a colour analysis done.

Pick the right colours

There are many London styling companies that offer this important service. A colour analysis can tell you exactly what kind of colours you should wear. Eye colour, skin colour, age, and the undertone of your skin will be considered and carefully combined with several colours, until the right colours for you are found.

Skin can have either neutral, warm or cool undertones. Skin with a cool undertone can usually be matched with colours, such as grey, brown, blues, green and purple. Warm undertones have a bit of red or pink in their skin tone, which can be matched well with bright or light colours. Neutral undertone skin thrives with bold and bright colours. Choosing the right colour can greatly affect the way you look, because wearing the wrong colour can make you look pale, red, or can clash with your outfit.

Choose the right fit

Nothing looks more unprofessional than an outfit that doesn’t suit your body shape. There are several body types to be considered.

Pear shape

A pear shaped body, for example, means that you have narrow shoulders and wide hips. In order to create a balanced look, it’s best to accentuate the shoulders and chest, without pulling too much attention to it. Pieces you could wear are plunge neck tops, cowl tops, or bell sleeves. Layering up with a waist length jacket or A-line top will look great on your body as well.

Apple shape

Apple shaped bodies are well proportioned and the shoulders are usually slightly broader than the hips. If you have this body type, it’s best to wear flowy clothes and A-line tops that don’t have a tight fit. V-necks are your best friend. Strapless or sleeveless pieces, such as a modern gilet will look great on you.

Hourglass shape

If you have an hourglass shaped body, chances are you have fuller hips, thighs, and a fuller bust. You also have a well-defined waist, which can be accentuated even more with a wrap top or a peplum blouse. A V-neck, round neck or boat neck will all look great on you. Fitted jumpsuits are a great pick and will be a fashionable but professional office outfit as well.

Athletic shape

Athletic shaped bodies then have equal distribution of weight around their upper body, and have little to no distinctive waistline. Styling this body shape is all about volume. Pick a halter style top, anything with a racerback, or anything that is strapless. Use a statement necklace to accentuate your waist or statement earrings to draw the attention to your face.