How To Have an Unforgettable Adventure in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, frequently dubbed “Sin City,” positively and negatively, is a tourist destination for millions of people every year. But contrary to popular belief, there’s more to do in this busy city than just gambling, although that’s available for those who enjoy spinning slots and playing cards.

From the minute you’re collected by your airport pickup in Las Vegas, the adventure begins! What that trip looks like is up to you and your preferences. Vegas is a hotspot of casinos, dining, shopping, cultural museums and buildings, and so much more!

You might not realize it, but the city is nestled deep in the Mojave Desert, mixing urban city life with the quiet solitude of the desert ecosystem. This location provides visitors the chance to explore city and rural life, all within a few hours of their day!

Ready to plan an unforgettable adventure in Las Vegas? Keep reading to find out what you can add to your itinerary while you’re there, ranging from mild to extreme!

Mild: Visiting the Neon Museum

Are you looking for an experience that will give you plenty to talk about when you get back home but is safe enough for all ages? A visit to the Neon Museum ticks all the boxes!

This museum is a non-profit organization that focuses solely on housing and preserving iconic Las Vegas signs. A trip to the building’s Neon Boneyard is like a blast through time as you walk through a collection of restored signs on exhibit. But the shows are more than just “signs on display.”

Over 200 of these rescued signs are spread out across two acres of Boneyard, including the famous Golden Nugget, Caesars Palace, and Moulin Rouge hotel icons. You’ll learn about how these emblems were inspired and created, when they were made, and how they impacted Vegas’ history.

If you’re early enough to book, you can participate in the light show projection, where songs and lights introduce and explain the importance of memorable signs.

General admission prices give you self-guided or guided tours during the day or at night, and both are excellent opportunities for unique pictures. Be sure to schedule your visit in time to catch the museum’s exciting show, “Brilliant!”

During this famous show, you’ll be immersed in an audiovisual reanimation of 40 of the most iconic vintage signs and transported through history via a ‘brilliant’ mix of sight and sound. Craig Winslow is the mastermind behind the experience, which holds the title of the largest augmented reality experience of its kind.

Moderate: Take a Helicopter Ride

Visitors to Las Vegas have many options of helicopter rides. You can stay in the main area and fly over the Las Vegas Strip at night, enjoying the view of the neon lights and watching for all the key landmarks from a vantage most people don’t get to see. The ride lasts about 12-15 minutes and is accompanied by an explanation of what you’re seeing by the pilot.

But if your goal is to kick up your helicopter ride and explore more of the surrounding areas, then an aerial tour over the Grand Canyon is calling your name!

Regardless of the company you choose to take you on this tour, you’ll experience breathtaking panoramic views of the one of the original 7 Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon, as well as the famous Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the scenic Las Vegas Strip. Flying over the Mojave Desert is a wild adventure, and you never know what kind of wildlife you might see along the way!

The trips include flights to and from the Grand Canyon, beginning and ending at your pick-up spot in Vegas. Your helicopter lands in the Grand Canyon, where you’ll have time to explore the secluded geography far away from the crowd of tourists.

You’ll have your choice of a few flight times, but the most popular option is the sunset tour. Imagine the most incredible sunset you’ve ever seen in your life. The view inside the Grand Canyon, where the sky seems close enough to touch it, will probably put that experience in the dust.

Extreme: Skyjump Off the Stratosphere

Whether you’re an experienced bungee jumper or skydiver or it’s something you’ve thought about doing but haven’t “jumped” at the opportunity yet, Vegas is the prime spot. Nowhere else in the world can you jump off the top of the 855 foot high Stratosphere and get a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding city.

Worried about making the SkyJump Stratosphere part of your adventure? Keep in mind that Vegas, especially a hotel as famous as the Stratosphere, doesn’t want negative publicity attached to it. If the skyjump was overly dangerous, you’d have heard about it by now and they’d have shut the event down. Over 250,000 people have safely engaged in this adventure since it opened in 2010.

Of course, there’s danger inherent in any activity you do where you’re flying through the air, even in airplanes. But the safety procedures at the SkyJump are legit, and they’ll make you feel more comfortable because the experts there know what they’re doing. This controlled jump has the atmosphere of peril with the protection of a carefully run operation.

Jumpers must be 14 or older and meet height and weight requirements. You’ll wear special shoes and remove any extra articles from your pockets. A GoPro is secured to your wrist to video the 17-second experience (video purchase options are available). Before you jump, you’ll undergo multiple safety checks. Finally, the last move is up to you, but there’s no refund if you choose not to jump, so why not go for it?

Do One or All, It’ll Be Unforgettable!

Whether you choose to stick with the safely rewarding experiences or step outside your comfort zone for an adrenaline-spiked thrill ride, these three adventures will make your trip memorable. Mix them into your schedule in between your gambling, shopping, and dining excursions, and you’ll have a vacation you’ll never forget or replicate!