Mayfair's finest establishments

How Mayfair got its name

Mayfair is now well known for being one of the most prosperous and exclusive areas in the city of London. With a reputation for excellence and elegance. Most people know the names of the shops, restaurants, hotels, and other renowned local attractions. Only few people know the history behind the name of Mayfair itself.

The May Fair was a fortnight long occasion.

Mayfair was named after the May Fair, an annual event. It took place in the area, on the site that now plays host to today’s popular Shepherd Market. The May Fair was a fortnight long occasion. It gave farmers and other local traders the opportunity to showcase the best of the year’s wares. It allowed them to trade and barter with each other and the public. It also gave local residents an occasion to celebrate the coming of Spring. Making it a key event at the heart of the community.

Bringing wealth and a positive reputation to the area.

Whilst it was credited with bringing both wealth and a positive reputation to the area, the May Fair is now thing of the past – in fact. It was moved to Fair Field by Bow in 1686, and finished entirely in 1764. However, there is a commemorative plaque at its original site in Shepherd Street. This to pay tribute to the event name and ensure that the origins of Mayfair are never forgotten.

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