Glamor Parties: How to Throw the Most Unforgettable College Party

If you plan your college party well ahead of time, you can make it an epic event everyone will remember. The first decision you have to make is to choose the right theme. Once you choose your theme, you can reserve the venue and start organizing décor, music, food and drink.

Choose a unique theme

A party with a unique theme will provide everyone with great opportunities for taking photos to upload to their social media pages. Imagine everyone dressing up to make their favourite meme come to life in a Meme Mania celebration. You could choose a Game of Thrones theme where everyone dresses up as characters like Jon Snow or the white walkers. If you want to have a more formal event, you could arrange a masquerade ball with masks, tuxedos and formal gowns.

How do Students prepare for a Party?

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Reserve the Right Venue

As soon as you have your theme, you need to start looking for the right venue. Reserving your venue early is important, especially if it’s a very popular venue. Check that it has an adequate sound system and enough space so everyone will be comfortable. Is it easy within easy reach for everyone? The venue may have neighbours who you will either need to invite or inform about your party.

Invite People

There’s no party without people! You need to make sure everyone you would like to attend knows about your party. Invite a good mix of girls and guys. Use social media platforms and apps to invite people. Ask them to respond if they’re coming so you can plan properly.

At a college party, you’re likely to get some people you didn’t expect, so you need to plan for this too. Try to keep tabs on how many partygoers actually come through the doors so the space doesn’t become too crowded and there’s not enough to eat and drink.

Arrange the Music

Prepare a playlist ahead of time of music you know everyone will enjoy, and that will create the right kind of atmosphere. If you choose a good mix of songs, there are sure to be plenty that gets everyone dancing. Save the best tunes for when the party really gets going, and don’t waste them on the time when everyone starts trickling in. If you know of a good live student band, they may play at your party for a reasonable price.

Decide on Décor and Games

Decorations like lights and balloons, and greenery can create a festive atmosphere without too much expense. Arrange for a group of friends to help with the décor, so you don’t end up trying to do it alone. There are many different games that can really get the party going – beer pong, ‘never have I ever …’ and other drinking games are popular.

Organize Food and Drinks

A great party always has drinks and snacks to munch on. You can make a punch with the alcohol of your choice or simply have beers and shots for the crowd. Try to provide some drinks for non-alcoholic friends and have plenty of plastic cups and shot glasses available.

The food doesn’t have to be extravagant. Chips and salsa, hot dogs, popcorn, and chicken wings are all foods students enjoy. If you’re feeling creative, you can make a variety of dips and some small finger foods like meatballs.

Safety is Key

While having fun is a priority, you will need to make sure that everyone is safe. Make sure that someone is responsible for keeping an eye on the crowd. If things start getting out of hand, it’s important to have control and get things back in order, so everyone continues to have fun. If anyone does drink too much, make sure they have a way to get home safely.


You will need to do some planning if you want to have an epic, memorable party. Following the above tips can help you to make sure it’s a good one. It won’t be long before you have everyone asking you about the next party.

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