Five link building strategies that can boost your website traffic

Making backlinks or link building is the number one method in marketing through search engine optimisation (SEO). It’s the act of placing links leading to your website on a webpage outside of your website. You can try it for your online casino so you can connect with the gambling community and lead web traffic your way.

Creating backlinks can be done in many ways, whether it’s making new content with a link in it or by inserting one in an existing webpage. There are several strategies in this technique that you can use for your online casino. Here are five of them that you should check out:

Resource page link building

A resource page is a type of web page where the content is a collection of resources. For online casinos, the most popular version of this is a suggestion article mentioning different gambling sites for certain niches. You can reach out to pages like these and offer your online casino as a resource to add to their webpage.

This helps both you and the site owner. For you, it’s a backlink that can be a good source of traffic. For the site owner, your link bumps up the quality of the content, especially if your website is properly maintained. This is free most of the time but if there’s a fee, then you can buy casino links on as many resource pages as you think your website needs.

Skyscraper technique

Making high-quality content is always the goal in link building to attract more visitors but they don’t have to be 100% original at all times. The Skyscraper technique involves three major but simple steps:

  1. Research keywords that can attract your target audiences
  2. Find an old webpage that contains the same keywords – That page should be at least 2 years old and is the top result in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  3. Make the same content as that page but improve upon it.

The content you can make can either have more resources backing up the same statement or an update by integrating newer information. Reach out to pages that refer to it through mentions or links and offer your newer and better content covering the same topic. This can result in a competition with other content writers aiming to do the same strategy.

Infographic outreach

Words aren’t your only tools in SEO. You can use images, as well, specifically infographics where you communicate data through an image like a chart, a poster, or logos. Fill your online casino’s pages where information is key like the promotions page or make ones aimed at explaining certain topics. Offer this infographic to other content creators and have them share it with links leading to relevant pages on your website.

Guest posting

Guest posting refers to content creation on another person’s website. This is mutually beneficial because the site owner gets your help expanding their blog or news platform while you publish new backlinks. The website where you are guest posting doesn’t have to be directly related to online casino gaming as long as it is covering general topics. For example, you can include a backlink to your bookmaker on a sports article to be posted on a sports news outlet.

Broken link building

The internet is a constantly evolving network where no page is guaranteed to last more than a few years. Even the most popular pages will lose its supporters and eventually its contents, making links leading them to become broken or lead to a 404 error. These are opportunities for you to insert links to your website to replace them.

Broken link building is mutually beneficial for you and the site owner of the broken link you fixed. For you, it becomes an extension of your website’s SEO while the act maintains the quality score of the site owner’s web page. Remember to report broken links to the site owner to request this change. Trying to change it yourself without their permission can lead to trouble.

Why conduct link building strategies for website traffic?

Your goal is to promote your website through SEO and link building is the best way to do that. It maximises the capacity of Google’s algorithm to recommend content to all associated queries leading to pages with backlinks to your casino. On top of that, being mentioned in high-quality content bolster your brand’s authority in the online casino industry.

With this, Google is more likely to refer to your website and associated pages when certain keywords are used. You can achieve this when you buy casino links or make high-quality content. These are investments in skill and effort that can make your online casino all the more likely to gain traffic.