Fanciest Casinos in the UK

The UK is home to some of the most famous casinos in the world. It should come as no surprise, as gambling is a prevalent pastime in the UK and around the world.

However, if you want a luxury experience, you won’t want to walk into any old casino. To play like a high roller, you need to visit the establishments on our list of the fanciest casinos in the UK.

Hippodrome Casino, London

The Hippodrome is a casino that could take your breath away. Found in London’s West End, this place boasts three floors of impressive gambling and entertainment.

Not only is The Hippodrome a beautiful sight, but it is renowned for its casino games, restaurants, and live entertainment. The casino’s restaurant, The Heliot, is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. The place also has a beautiful 180-seat theatre.

Visitors can choose one of the 20 tabletops for gameplay or take a shot at the slots. Regardless of what your main focus is, you won’t regret a visit to the Hippodrome Casino.

Napoleons Casino & Restaurant, Manchester

Napoleons Casino & Restaurant is perfect for those nights when you can’t decide between fine dining and gambling. You don’t have to choose because you get the best of both worlds at this Manchester casino!

Though Napoleons has locations in Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, and Bradford, recent upgrades to the Manchester location make it a standout. The restaurant selection is by far the most significant improvement. While you still can find some good-value meals, the fine dining selections are where you want to be.

However, the casino does require membership—which costs just a small fee and is a simple process. If you’re lucky, they might have deals for new customers. Regardless, it’s worth it for the heated terrace with electronic roulette and slot machines.

Park Lane Casino, Mayfair District, London

As the name suggests, this casino is located in the fashionable Park Lane. However, this casino is so fancy that not just anyone can join. Membership costs a hefty £1,000, so you’ll be rubbing elbows with the high rollers if you enter.

While there, you can’t miss visiting the high-end restaurant that is aptly named the Jewel of Mayfair. Or, if all you want is a drink, head to the Dreams Bar for some fine wine or whiskey. 

As you’d expect from a fancy joint like Park Lane, everything comes with a pretty steep price tag. That means play is pretty steep, so remember to gamble responsibly.

Rainbow Casino, Birmingham

Rainbow Casino has locations in Cardiff, Bristol, and Aberdeen, but the Birmingham one routinely ranks as one of the top casinos in the UK. And the casino isn’t its only attraction—its outdoor terrace and restaurant are lovely as well.

One reason for this is the extensive game selection. Players can enjoy Three Card Poker, Baccarat, MahJong, electric roulette, blackjack, slots, and more! Any type of casino game you could want, the Rainbow Casino has it.

Though this is also a members-only casino, there is no membership fee. The friendly and informative staff will quickly take you through the process, so long as you have your ID.

The Grosvenor Victoria Casino, London

If you think variety is the spice of life, the Grosvenor Victoria Casino, located in London, is for you. With over 140 tables and electronic games, you’ll never get bored at this casino. And that’s without even mentioning the entertainment.

The famous poker room is a must-see if you want a bit of culture along with your casino visit. As one of the most popular casinos in the UK, this place is always busy and open 24 hours a day.

Whether you want to try poker for the first time or are already a blackjack expert, “The Vic,” as it’s affectionately nicknamed, is a great spot.

Manchester235, Manchester

Located in Deansgate, Manchester235 delivers on every front. Their casino features high-class tables and electronic machines, and it’s always got a great atmosphere.

The casino also boasts the highly regarded, opulent James Martin restaurant. You won’t want to miss the exquisite dishes on the menu.

But if something slightly more understated is your preference, there’s the Vega LoungeAs you sip your cocktails, you’ll be treated to all the live sports you want. Keep an eye open for drink promotions and more, as a night out here could add up quickly. That kind of quality doesn’t come cheap.

The Ritz Club, London

Walking up to the front of The Ritz Club casino in London is like stepping back in time. The beautiful exterior harkens to a much different era, but the inside holds all the amenities and excitement of modern times.

This iconic casino is popular with both locals and tourists, though the £1,000 membership registration fee ensures it never gets too crowded. This is undoubtedly a casino that caters to high rollers, and it certainly shows.

Aside from the regular extravagance of any fancy casino, The Ritz Club also hosts high-limit tournaments. Everything about this famous casino is top-level, from the games to the restaurants to the décor. It is undoubtedly a must-see for any big gambler.


The UK has some of the finest—and fanciest—casinos in the world, from Birmingham to the exclusive Park Lane and Mayfair districts. Though visiting these lovely establishments might be simply a dream for some, they are certainly worth the visit if you can afford them.