Mayfair's finest establishments

Elegant ladies’ fashion in picturesque Mayfair

A shopping Mecca, and the ultimate in high-end fashion, Mayfair is by no means geared exclusively toward the sharp-suited gentlemen visiting Savile Row. Mayfair is prestigious, renowned in fact, for high-quality men’s clothing, however, it is also home to countless boutiques and shops catering for needs of the fashion-conscious female.

Mayfair’s boutiques exhibit the finest in ladies’ fashion. Many exclusive designers have stores here, making it quick and easy for you to pick up choice pieces and accessories, clothing and jewellery. Designer clothing by Yohji Yamamoto and Vivienne Westwood – as well as a plethora of other iconic designers – can be found at their respective boutiques across the West End, along with bespoke pieces to make each shopping trip particularly memorable.

English designer Lalage Beaumont, who creates a groomed and grown-up look for women with busy lives.

A relatively new label, Lalage launched her first collection in 2005, having gained extensive experience designing for famous English fashion houses during the eighties and nineties. This designer has an unrivalled appreciation of tailoring, textiles and finish. The pieces you will find in this Mayfair boutique are beautiful, original and chic but not overstated. Classical elegance is combined with distinctive detailing for a look that embodies sophistication and style.

With courteous and professional staff, your shopping experience will be one of a kind. Having received such exemplary service you are sure to leave happy, having found each item you were looking for (and perhaps some you weren’t!).

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