How to get a job in a fancy Mayfair store

London is a robust international business hub, attracting people worldwide. With an unemployment rate of 4%, businesses are thriving and so are careers. Whether a graduate or employed but seeking a career change, a job at a fancy Mayfair store in the posh Mayfair district is a great starting point and an opportunity to let go. How can you secure a post? These handy tips will guide you.  

Online application

Unlike in the past when vacancies were largely advertised in print media, online channels come in handy as they enable people to easily search for jobs and fill in their applications. A platform like LinkedIn lists several job opportunities daily, featuring their required qualifications and responsibilities, and enables you to send your CV and cover letter.   

As there are millions of job applicants aiming for the same job, making an application through social media can be quite unnerving. However, you don’t have to be scared. Having a well-crafted CV is the first step toward standing out and increasing your chances of getting hired.

Network with relevant people

The saying ‘your network is your net worth’ has never been accurate, particularly when looking for a job in a fancy Mayfair store. With the affluent nature of the region, landing one may often depend on whom you know in addition to your qualifications. 

When networking, you can start low with your friends and relatives, who are well aware of your preferences and potential and can connect you with the relevant opportunities, or alert you in case they arise. Further, you can attend relevant events like career fairs where you can network broadly. You can meet top executives who may give you preferential consideration if impressed.

Send speculative applications

Speculative applications entail seeking out an employer to find out if they may have a suitable job for you despite it not being advertised. With the popularity and affluence of Mayfair stores, you may not expect them to be short of employees and therefore may shun sending a speculative application.

However, things are not static. Some employees are resigning, while others are taking leave, and others are calling in sick, but the customer flow still increasing. Who knows you may call in on a day when there is a shortage of manpower and land yourself a position? This is an avenue you should not rule out.   

Sign up with recruitment agencies

Though you will have to pay an agency fee, seeking employment at a Mayfair store through a recruitment agency may be an excellent decision. They adequately know which store wants an employee and will readily match your skills and qualifications with the job.

Using the avenue will be beneficial in saving precious resources like time and money that you could have otherwise used in contacting prospect executives or traveling to seek the job. 

With over a hundred recruitment agencies in Mayfair, you are spoilt for choice on where to send your CV. However, go through their terms and conditions first, as some punitive measures like charging exorbitant fees before offering their services.  

Visit specific websites

You can get a job at a Mayfair store by scouring through websites that are affiliated with Mayfair post information about getting a job there. The website may belong to a store in the Mayfair region or websites that advertise jobs from a specific website. Some of the popular websites include,, and

These sites will often help you bypass the recruitment process with the store, as they interview you first before recommending you for the post. Using them will help you save time as you can access them just from the comfort of your house on any of your devices.