The Barley Mow Pub: Mayfair’s Refined Haven

The Barley Mow Pub stands tall as a historic gem in Mayfair, offering a warm and inviting escape that reflects the unique charm of this London neighbourhood. Tucked on Duke Street, the pub invites locals and visitors alike into its comforting embrace. It’s the perfect place to unwind after exploring the bustling Mayfair food scene. The Cubitt House group’s careful restoration of this landmark pub brought out the best in British hospitality. With a sleek ground-floor bar and a vibrant first-floor restaurant, The Barley Mow seamlessly merges classic British elegance with modern flair.

Stepping inside, the ground-floor bar exudes a cosy yet refined vibe. The dark wood and sleek, silver taps complement the luxurious bar stools where you could easily lose track of time sipping on their signature Cubitt Haus pilsner. The entire setting feels like an oasis from the hectic city streets, offering a familiar and friendly retreat. As you climb the industrial concrete stairs to the dining area upstairs, the atmosphere transforms, becoming more elegant and intimate. The first-floor restaurant welcomes you with a sophisticated dining space, offering unparalleled views of Mayfair.

Classic British Fare

The menu at The Barley Mow is a delightful showcase of classic British fare with a touch of French decadence, brought to you by Chef Director Ben Tish and Head Chef Chris Fordham-Smith. Featuring a carvery element and other familiar dishes, the cuisine embodies a blend of the best from both sides of the English Channel. Expect everything from Scotch eggs and pie and mash to native oysters and Dover sole served with Champagne sauce.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the Sunday roast, which brings a theatrical flair to the table with a cheese station and desserts finished in front of the guests. It’s the kind of establishment where the food takes centre stage, offering a memorable and delicious dining experience.

Elevated Drinks Selection

A great pub experience isn’t complete without a carefully curated drinks menu, and The Barley Mow does not disappoint. They boast nine beers on draught, including two casks and the signature Cubitt Haus pilsner. There’s also an extensive selection of gluten-free beers available to cater to various preferences. Wine enthusiasts will revel in the exquisite selection, which spans the best from Europe and beyond.

Fun Fact: The Barley Mow offers a diverse range of rosés, from the delicate Luberon Rosé by Famille Perrin to the vibrant Maison Cubitt Rosé sourced directly from Côtes de Provence.

Each wine is chosen with care, promising an unforgettable tasting experience with each sip. The thoughtfully curated wine list is like a map, guiding guests on a journey through the distinctive flavours and rich heritage of global winemaking.

Friendly Hospitality

The Barley Mow’s staff play a crucial role in creating a welcoming atmosphere that makes every guest feel special. Their approach is both attentive and personable, making visitors feel like they’re part of a longstanding tradition of hospitality. Whether you’re seeking advice on which wine pairs best with your main course or need help navigating the menu’s gluten-free options, their recommendations come with genuine warmth and enthusiasm.

Historic Ambiance

The pub’s renovation by the Cubitt House group breathed new life into this historic venue, celebrating its heritage while adding contemporary touches that enhance its appeal. The ground-floor bar is a cosy corner where you can feel the historic pub spirit, while the first-floor restaurant wraps you in elegance. The restored interiors, with their dark woods and refined finishes, create a space where the past and present coexist harmoniously.

The Barley Mow is like a finely aged wine, bearing all the character and richness that come with history yet gracefully pairing with modern tastes.

Location Highlights

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, The Barley Mow is perfectly situated near several notable attractions, making it ideal for a pre- or post-outing drink or meal. You can explore the vibrant galleries and high-end boutiques nearby before retreating to the pub’s comfort. From the exclusive shops on Bond Street to the art-filled spaces of the Royal Academy, there’s plenty to see and do, ensuring a visit to The Barley Mow rounds off any day out perfectly.

Events & Entertainment

Adding to the pub’s lively charm, The Barley Mow frequently hosts events that bring people together for a night of socialising and good food. Whether it’s a special wine-tasting evening or a relaxed quiz night, these events breathe even more life into this Mayfair hub. The pub also offers private dining spaces for those seeking a more intimate setting for their celebrations or gatherings.

A Welcoming Retreat

The Barley Mow is a well-loved Mayfair retreat where the old-world charm of a historic British pub blends seamlessly with modern dining sophistication. The pub’s ground-floor bar is designed for relaxed, unhurried enjoyment, offering cosy nooks and sleek silver taps, with dark wood accents adding to the elegant ambience. Guests can lose themselves for hours here, chatting with friends over a pint of Cubitt Haus pilsner or exploring the wide selection of drinks on offer.

Ascending the industrial-style concrete steps to the first-floor restaurant, you’ll find a vibrant, more intimate dining room. With exposed brick walls, soft lighting, and elegantly arranged tables, the room carries an air of refined comfort. The first-floor restaurant is a welcoming space where guests can unwind and fully savour a memorable meal.

Classic British Fare

Chef Director Ben Tish and Head Chef Chris Fordham-Smith lead a kitchen that takes inspiration from traditional British flavours while adding a hint of French decadence to many of its dishes. The Mayfair food scene is known for its flair, and The Barley Mow stands out by delivering hearty classics with a distinct twist.

The Sunday roast is a highlight, with a theatrical flair added through tableside cheese stations and desserts finished at the table. Their other offerings include a gluten-free twist on British staples, from Scotch eggs to pie and mash. The Barley Mow has an expansive menu that combines crowd-pleasers like fish and chips with native oysters, and Dover sole served in a luxurious champagne sauce.

Elevated Drinks Selection

To complement their fare, the pub provides an impressive drinks selection that caters to a wide variety of tastes. With gluten-free beers on tap alongside Cubitt Haus pilsner, the bar ensures everyone has a satisfying option. The comprehensive wine list reflects a meticulous curation, featuring bold reds, refreshing rosés, and crisp whites from prestigious wine regions.

Fun Fact: The bar’s selection includes rosés sourced from the sun-soaked vineyards of Côtes de Provence, pairing beautifully with the seafood dishes served upstairs.

Beyond beer and wine, guests can enjoy seasonal cocktails that embrace fresh, local ingredients, rounding out a thoughtfully balanced drinks menu that encourages exploration.

Friendly Hospitality

Hospitality is at the heart of The Barley Mow experience. The staff here go beyond the ordinary to ensure every customer feels welcome, providing attentive and helpful service without being overbearing. From offering recommendations on pairing wine with the restaurant’s gluten-free options to sharing insights about the pub’s history, they bring warmth and personality that make every visit a pleasure.

Historic Ambiance

Stepping into The Barley Mow is like travelling back in time, with the carefully restored interiors bringing its rich history to life. The dark wood furnishings, silver taps, and sleek bar stools create an atmosphere that’s both classic and inviting. The spacious ground-floor bar evokes the feeling of an old-world tavern, while the upstairs restaurant wraps you in a more sophisticated embrace.

The bar’s blend of old and new is perfectly executed, maintaining the pub’s historic charm while adapting to modern tastes. Its place in Mayfair’s landscape represents a continuation of London’s longstanding pub culture, brought to new life by the Cubitt House group.

Location Highlights

The Barley Mow sits amid some of London’s most distinguished destinations. With Bond Street’s luxury boutiques and the Royal Academy’s art-filled spaces nearby, visitors can effortlessly make the pub a stop on their itinerary. The surrounding streets offer a blend of old and new, much like the pub itself.

Whether you’re exploring Mayfair for the first time or a local looking for a refreshing drink after a day in the city, The Barley Mow is conveniently situated and offers a welcome respite from the urban rush.

Events & Entertainment

The pub hosts regular events that draw crowds for an evening of socialising and entertainment. From quiz nights to seasonal specials, the calendar ensures there’s always something new happening. Private dining spaces can also be booked for those seeking an intimate setting for their celebrations or corporate gatherings.

The first-floor restaurant provides a sophisticated yet accessible backdrop, while the ground-floor bar is perfect for mingling with friends or unwinding in the company of a good book.


The Barley Mow is a delightful reflection of British pub culture at its best, offering a cosy retreat where classic flavours, welcoming hospitality, and historic charm come together seamlessly. In this Mayfair gem, you’ll find a pub that embodies the past while embracing the present, creating a space that feels like a second home whether you’re a local or a visitor.


  1. Do I need to book a table at The Barley Mow Pub? Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations guarantee availability.
  2. Are there gluten-free options on the menu? Yes, The Barley Mow offers various gluten-free dishes and beers.
  3. Is there a private dining space available? Yes, the pub provides private dining spaces for celebrations.
  4. Do you offer vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes? Yes, the menu includes several vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.
  5. Are the drinks at The Barley Mow available to take away? The pub’s drinks are primarily served on-site, not for takeaway.