Cribbage at Rabona casino

Cribbage is an old English amusement, which appeared in the early 16th century in Great Britain. It quickly became popular in Europe and the USA. To beginners, it may seem complicated, but after 2-3 games the general process becomes clear. Before you sit down at the table, you should read the rules of the game in Cribbage in Russian. And move to money bets on the site, which belongs to Rabona casino, it is recommended after studying the discipline.

What are the types of the game

For almost 500 years of existence, this entertainment has changed more than once. New varieties appeared, and the rules and conditions of victory were adjusted. The main goal of opponents is to make combinations and earn points. Whoever is the first to score the right number of points, he takes the bank.

On 6 or 7 cards

Here are the classic rules with some exceptions. They mainly concern the winning conditions. In 6- and 7-card variants the game is played up to 121 and 151 points respectively. The surrenderer’s opponent does not receive 3 points of compensation. When both opponents are ready to continue, the one who has the right to the next move starts a new cycle. It continues until the required number of points is reached. Seven-card cribbage may include up to 3 cycles of draws.


The classic rules of the cribbage card game at Rabona Casino with some modifications apply. Participants receive 6 cards each. A score of 121 is required to win the game. If usually the crib automatically goes to the dealer, then here will get a person who traded it from the opponent. The first bid is made by the player to the left of the dealer, and then the right to move is passed clockwise. Whoever bids more points wins the bidding. The corresponding number of points is deducted from his score. Together with the cribe, the player receives the right of first settlement and the right to show his hand.

For three

The standard rules of the game with some amendments apply. All players receive 5 cards each and discard one card into the crib.

For four

The game is played in pairs. Partners sit opposite each other. Talking is forbidden. The dealer deals 5 or 6 cards to everyone. Opponents discard one instead of two in the crib. The teams have a joint score. The first pair to score 61 points is declared the winner.

Paired Cribbage

Retains the rules of traditional cribbage. But the difference is that players sitting opposite each other form pairs. They then compete against each other. The pair’s points are added.

Rules of Cribbage

The game involves the use of a standard deck without jokers. Each card has a value. So, an ace gives 1 point, a ten and pictures – 10, others – at their face value.

Parties are held in stages. At first, the dealer is determined. The deck is shuffled and removed by the person on the left hand of the dealer Rabona casino. Players receive 6 cards. Of these, you need to keep 4, and 2 dropped on the table to form cribbage.

The person sitting to the left of the dealer removes the part of the deck that has not been dealt and places it under the bottom. The top is revealed – it is considered the starting deck for the second stage.

Next, the opponents lay out one card each, trying to put together combinations and earn points. The cycle continues until one of the participants scores 31 points, or until both can make a move without exceeding this mark. If someone has no options for a move that will not break a rule, he declares a “pass”. His opponent receives an extra point.

After these conditions are fulfilled, the first round is over. It is followed by the second round – showdown. It involves the hands that the players had before the deal began and the starting card from the top of the deck.

At the first stage, suits do not matter, at the second stage they bring additional points. The game ends when one of the players reaches a score of 61. If the game was played for money, he takes the pot at Rabona Casino.