Best Hotels with Casinos in London

London is one of Europe’s most impressive cities. From the historical significance of the city to its impressive architecture, and of course the cultural importance to England and the United Kingdom in general, London draws in millions of tourists annually.

Many of these visitors are gambling enthusiasts, who enjoy spinning wheels and rolling dice. What may surprise some is to learn that London has quite a vibrant gambling industry, both land-based and online. This is why, in this article, we are going to go over some of London’s best casinos/hotels.

The Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel is located on Russell Square in London and is the flagship of the Imperial Hotels line. The establishment is known throughout the city as one of the best casino hotels, with incredible views, fantastic facilities, and a top-notch location.

Despite the name, the hotel is quite reasonably priced, which will certainly appeal to most travellers who don’t want to spend too much money on lodgings. Indeed, what most people are interested in, is the casino.

Visitors of the Imperial Hotel can spend time relaxing with a drink at the Atrium Bar & Café, or they can take their drinks to the splendid casino, which features some of the most exciting and popular games you can think of. From the ever-popular slot machines to high-stake blackjack tables, you can have it all if you visit the Imperial.

Broadwick Soho

Soho is known as one of London’s most eclectic, culturally significant, and visited neighbourhoods. No London visit is finished without at least one stroll through Soho. And while navigating the area may be difficult, some platforms make it simple and fun.

However, some people prefer to skip the stroll and go directly to the Soho hotels. And if you are a gambler, then Broadwick Soho is your best bet. An excellent establishment, Broadwick Soho is an independent hotel, that has proven it can compete with some of the big chains.

Despite its status as an independent establishment, Broadwick Soho’s casino can compete with some of the big names in the gambling industry. The hotel is also not too pricey, so it is great for any gambling tourists who enjoy rolling dice.

St. Giles London Hotel

Last on our list is the St. Giles London Hotel, located at Bedford Avenue. With over 230 guestrooms, a location near some of London’s most-visited tourist destinations, and an incredible aesthetic that will impress even the most ardent of sceptics, St. Giles is one of the most beloved hotel casinos in the city.

The St. Giles features three restaurants, a bar, a casino, 24-hour reception service, and even a concierge. Whether you are in London for business or for pleasure, the St. Giles London Hotel is where you want to be. Especially, if you are a gambler.

If you are a slot fan, St. Giles is the place for you. They have enough machines so that no visitor goes without a chance to gamble. If blackjack is more your speed, there are options for you as well. And if you prefer spinning the roulette wheel, St. Giles has you covered. It is, without a doubt, one of the best casino hotels in London.

No Need for a Casino

Before we delve into the nitty gritty, we feel it important to mention that, you don’t need to visit a casino hotel to play some of the best gambling games in London. Indeed, thanks to the United Kingdom’s pretty accepting and forward-thinking stance on iGaming, you can gamble online at any point during the day.

With online casinos, all you need is a device with an internet connection and a way to make digital deposits. On top of it all, the best slot sites 2024, all come with mobile support, which means you don’t even need a PC. You can gamble on your smartphone, or whatever other mobile device you have in your possession.

However, some people still prefer the face-to-face experience of land-based establishments. If that is the case, then it would behove you to know what the best casino hotels in London are. And, isn’t that why we are here, at the end of the day?