Best 16 Pubs in Mayfair

  • The Guinea Grill
  • The Barley Mow
  • The Audley
  • Ye Grapes
  • The Punchbowl
  • The Iron Duke
  • The Footman
  • The Running Horse
  • The Windmill
  • The Market Tavern
  • The King’s Arms
  • Coach & Horses (Bruton Street)
  • Coach & Horses (Hill Street)
  • The White Horse
  • The Great British Pub Grub
  • Map Your Mayfair Pub Crawl

Best Pubs in Mayfair to Enjoy a Proper British Pint?

Mayfair offers a variety of classic British pubs, making it difficult to decide which one to visit. However, don’t worry because Mayfair Foodie has got your back. Despite many of the top pubs being hidden away on side streets and alleyways, we’ve put together a list of the best pubs in Mayfair to help you find the perfect spot.

Have put in a lot of effort into researching pubs in Mayfair and have finally compiled a list of good traditional British pubs. Each of these pubs has its own unique qualities, so we recommend visiting them all. They all provide a piece of British pub history and a guide to what drinks and food options are available, which will surely surprise you.

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Have a distinct character, with Irish bars and New York taverns being the closest comparison. They’ve always been an integral part of British culture and continue to be the hub of any community, despite constantly evolving. The pub industry has been thriving for centuries, and provides both locals and visitors with a genuine British hospitality experience. Just like soccer and betting many bars put slot machines right in the pub, visitors can grab a beer and play online casino real money right behind the bar and have fun.

Initial pubs in Britain were actually Roman taverns that provided alcohol and food

 Taverns that were licensed to offer lodging to travelers in their rooms were later referred to as inns. Inns were generally situated in the countryside or along highways, while taverns were usually more centralized in villages and towns.

The concept of alehouses was brought to England by the Anglo-Saxons in the 5th Century A.D. These establishments were less sophisticated compared to taverns, which were promoted by famous writer Samuel Pepys. However, they still provided the same enjoyable experiences of drinks, socializing, and merriment.

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In the 17th century, terms like alehouse, tavern, and inn became less commonly used as the more general term “public house” or “pub” became popular. The reason why the term “public house” was chosen was to differentiate pubs from private homes. Even today, any adult can go into a pub and order a drink. Pubs are meant to be social institutions and the term “public house” reflects that.

The modern pub is quite different from the earliest alehouses, which looked much like typical homes. The increased production potential of beer during the 19th century’s industrial revolution and a growing beer-loving population contributed significantly to this transformation.

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In the mid-19th Century, numerous pubs specifically designed for their purpose emerged

These pubs were architecturally distinct from regular private houses. At the same time, beautifully hand-painted signs were put up outside beerhouses to help customers (many of whom were illiterate) recognize and identify them. These signs typically depicted the name of the pub. This practice is still followed today.

the number of pubs in Britain has declined in recent years, there are still approximately 46,000 pubs in operation. Therefore, finding a pub in any part of Britain should not be too difficult.

Pub Etiquette

Using the words etiquette and pubs together may seem unusual since pubs are typically seen as casual and laid-back establishments. However, there are a few things British pubs should keep in mind.

Pubs, you usually order drinks and food at the bar. Due to Covid, some pubs now offer table service. When ordering, you must pay immediately. However, you can open a “Tab” by leaving your credit card details. You can either stand at the bar or sit at a table. It is possible to reserve tables ahead of time, but most seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Once you have a table, it is yours for as long as you wish to eat and drink.

In the UK, it is not customary to tip for drinks. However, for formal meals (excluding pub meals), a service charge may be included in the bill.

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If you are looking to order a drink at a pub, you can choose between a pint (568ml) or a half pint (284ml) of beer. They also serve wine by the glass, typically a medium-sized glass (175ml), and spirits are served in single measures (25ml) or double measures (50ml). You may find many options of beer available in pubs, which can be overwhelming at first, but the bar staff are usually happy to help explain the choices and may even offer you a small sample to try.

You’re looking for a selection of real ale on draft, and the best pubs in Mayfair to enjoy them, you’re in luck! Real ale is the traditional beer of British pubs, and it’s brewed using traditional ingredients like malt, hops, water, and yeast. After being matured in a cask during secondary fermentation, it’s served directly from the barrel. Ales come in a variety of flavors, ranging from light to heavy, fruity to bitter, and their names are often a source of amusement. So come on down to the best pubs in Mayfair and try some real ale today!

If you’re at a pub, I suggest trying a Real Ale like Fursty Ferret, Old Peculier, Tanglefoot, or Bishops Finger. They have a unique taste and character, so give them a chance, even if you’re unsure you’ll like them. While lager is the most popular beer in British pubs, the majority are European brands. Typically, pubs offer 2-3 types of draught lagers, as well as bottled versions.

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I’m looking for a great pub in Mayfair, head to the Guinea Grill and try the Guinness Stout. A reliable indicator of a pub’s quality is the quality of its Guinness, which is served in draught or bottles. The bar person might take a while to pour your draught Guinness, and they should serve it about half full before letting it settle for a few minutes and then topping it up. In addition, ciders are becoming increasingly popular in UK pubs, with a wide range of apple-based drinks and fruit-flavored ciders now available.

Somerset, traditional cider is often preferred flat and cloudy, and locals refer to it as “scrumpy.” It’s worth noting that scrumpy can be deceptively strong. When ordering spirits at a pub, you’ll be asked if you want a single or double, and popular options are typically available. There may also be regional gin choices on the menu.

Choose a wine, it’s recommended to check out the wine list. Many pubs offer both wines by the glass and by the bottle. 

In Mayfair, there are various types of pubs. All of them serve food, but some focus more on it and are called Gastro pubs. There are also “wet LED” pubs that serve only beverages except for crisps and nibbles, but they are not as popular. 

Pubs are still great places to enjoy live music

 Some pubs even double as music venues, and legendary musicians like Rolling Stones, The Who, and David Bowie started their careers playing in pubs.

Is good news that some pubs will now be showing live sports such as football and rugby. However, it’s important to note that during big matches, the pubs can become very crowded with lively supporters.

These are the best pubs in Mayfair according to the Mayfair foodie; they represent the finest hostelries in the area

Guinea Grill is one of the best pubs in Mayfair, well-known for their delicious pies. It is located in Bruton Place and has been a popular dining spot in Mayfair for years. Their steak is a must-try when dining in the upstairs restaurant, and the overall atmosphere is fantastic.

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 I highly recommend trying their Guinness, which is the best in class, and pairing it with a sausage roll. I’ve ordered both many times, all for the sake of research

Guinea Grill is a pub highly valued by the Youngs, who have been landlords since 1888. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a doorman wearing top hat and tails, which is a unique experience. Whether you want to try a pint or taste delicious British food cooked to perfection, the Guinea Grill is definitely worth a visit.

Barley Mow is the best pub in Mayfair, known for its delicious sea bass and located on Duke Street. There are several areas within the pub, including the downstairs bar and restaurant, all of which are highly recommended. The Barow is a newer pub in the area, but it has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best in Mayfair.

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Barley Mow is a traditional pub with a wooden bar downstairs where there is always something happening. They offer a nice variety of traditional pub snacks and drinks including good beer, wine, spirits, and the London Negroni, their signature cocktail. Upstairs, there is a silver-service restaurant serving classic British cuisine.

Audley is one of the best pubs in Mayfair located in the corner of Mount Street and South Audley Street. It has been recently restored to the highest standards while keeping the essence of a traditional British local pub. You can admire the beautiful ceiling and enjoy drinks at the bar of The Audley.

You take a moment to look up when you enter the pub, you’ll see a hand-painted collage on the ceiling by London Artist Phyllida Barlow. The bar serves a variety of beer from Sambrooks Brewery in Battersea, along with a menu that includes snacks (including oysters) and classic pub dishes. Additionally, there is a restaurant called Mount Street restaurant & rooms upstairs.

Ye Grapes

for the best pubs in Mayfair? Consider checking out Ye Grapes! This pub has a long history, dating back to 1742 when it was known as the Market coffee house. Over the years, it underwent several name changes before being rebuilt and given its current name in 1882.

It may seem small from the outside, the pub is actually quite spacious. It’s a classic London pub with a dark wooden bar where people can lean in true British pub fashion. The downstairs has plenty of seating available, and upstairs there’s a dining room with a nice view of Shepherd Market. The menu includes traditional English pub food, but the pub is also known for its Thai cuisine.

The Punchbowl

For the best pubs in Mayfair? Check out The Punchbowl on Farm Street. This pub has a lot of history as it was previously owned by Guy Ritchie and Madonna was a regular customer. The traditional British charm and celebrity associations of this place make it a popular choice among locals and tourists. Fun fact: Guy Ritchie still visits the pub from time to time.

The Iron Duke

One of the best pubs in Mayfair is The Iron Duke, located on Avery Row. They are famous for their excellent beer and delicious food. The pub is a hidden gem and has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

The Footman

One of the best pubs in Mayfair is The Footman, which has been around since 1749 and is one of London’s oldest pubs. It used to be known as The Running Horse and was regularly visited by footmen who served households in Mayfair. These footmen would run ahead of their master’s coaches and pay any tolls. The pub is located on Charles Street.

The Running Horse

The pub, which is called the Running Horse now but was previously known as The Running Horse, is not to be confused with another pub called the Footman. The Running Horse claims to be the oldest pub in Mayfair, founded in 1738. It has been restored by James Chase from the Chase distillery and Dominic Jacobs, who used to be the bar director at Sketch. The pub reopened in the autumn of 2013 and is located on Davies Street.

The Windmill

of the best pubs in Mayfair is The Windmill, known for its pies and having two pie rooms and a pie club. It also has a rare roof terrace that is lovely during warmer weather. You can locate this Young’s Pub on Mill Street.

The Market Tavern

The Market Tavern located in Shepherd Market is one of the best pubs in Mayfair. It offers a cozy environment for enjoying a refreshing pint and tasting delicious food. The pub has quirky decor and a seating area downstairs as well as an upstairs dining room.

The King’s Arms

Kings Arms in Shepherd Market is one of the best pubs in Mayfair and has been around since 1735. Its old-world charm invites you to take a break and soak up its character.”

Coach & Horses (Bruton Street)

Of the best pubs in Mayfair is the Coach & Horses on Bruton Street. It has a mock Tudor facade and reflects the style of an old English tavern from the 17th century. The pub is owned by Greene King, the largest brewer in the UK, and provides reasonably priced food and beer.

Coach & Horses (Hill Street)

Of the best pubs in Mayfair is the Coach & Horses located on Hill Street. This pub has a lot of character and was built in 1744. It is situated just off Berkley Square.

The White Horse

Something new at The White Horse Interior, one of Mayfair’s best pubs. This wine-led public house is brought to you by the same award-winning team behind Hedonism Wines & Hide restaurant. You can find it tucked away on White Horse Street, just a short walk from Shepherd Market. The pub offers private wine tastings in the basement bar and has a range of ales on tap for beer lovers. Although wine takes center stage, they have a full food menu that’s equally impressive.

You’re looking for delicious British pub grub in Mayfair, there are some great options to choose from. The Barley Mow serves a delicious pie with mash and gravy, while the terrine with pickle at other Mayfair pubs is also highly recommended. You can also find a variety of other cuisines in the area, including Thai food at Ye Grapes and seafood at the Audley. Don’t miss out on the silver service menus at The Barley Mow and Guinea Grill as well.

Pubs in Britain serve classic British dishes like Scotch eggs, sausage rolls, and fish finger sandwiches if you’re in the mood for a light meal. Gone are the days when cheese rolls and packets of crisps were the only options at British pubs. Nowadays, several pubs in Britain have been awarded Michelin Stars.

Mayfair pubs have set the bar high when it comes to pub cuisine, incorporating high-quality meals while maintaining the traditional ambiance of a neighborhood pub. If you’re planning to visit Mayfair but don’t know the best pub to dine at, feel free to send us a message. We’re happy to help you out.

You’re inspired to organize a pub crawl in Mayfair, keep in mind that visiting every pub in one day or night might be too much for your liver. However, we hope the information above gives you an idea of what the pubs in Mayfair are like. We admit we’re a bit biased, but Mayfair truly has some excellent British pubs to choose from.

If you’re interested in a walking tour of Mayfair that includes some of the classic pubs previously mentioned, the Mayfair Foodie offers a culinary tour of the area. We would love to meet you on our next tour. Additionally, Mayfair has fantastic coffee shops that we have reviewed and created a guide to the best ones. We would love to hear about your favorite pubs in Mayfair.