A fragrant affair in luxury goods

Luxury goods: an embodiment of class and decadence, the extravagant and the unusual. Nowhere does this apply more than to Penhaligon’s, a luxury goods retailer in Mayfair, specialising in exquisite perfumes. This established perfumers, with three locations across the London W1 area, embrace traditional methods of perfume production, in keeping with founder, William Penhaligon, who originally opened a barbershop on Jermyn Street in London over one hundred and thirty-five years ago. Panhaligon’s is one of the many luxury goods retailers that are listed in our Mayfair business directory.

The shop’s skilled and helpful fragrance advisors agree that ‘fragrance is liquid emotion’, and such a powerful thing contained in a bottle must be delicately blended. Strong traditions remain in place, while underlying currents of whimsical experimentation also present themselves.

The staff have a genuine passion for fragrances, both old and new, with scents being worked and re-worked. Penhaligon’s first fragrance, Hammam Bouquet, was created in 1872, with the scents of Turkish bath-houses in mind. Still sold today, it is a heady and intoxicating fragrance, at the heart of which lies the faint Turkish Rose.

Penhaligon’s also offers a personalised fragrance profiling service, conducted by two fragrance specialists. Simply answer a set of questions, and your ideal fragrance will be created and tailored to individual tastes and leaving you with something bespoke and memorable.

Years of Edwardian decadence, experimentation and a solid reputation have helped to establish Penhaligon’s as the widely-recognised luxury goods retailer it is today.

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