7 Top DIY Projects You Can Complete with Adhesives

When people do DIY projects, they often need to stick materials together. This is why adhesives are a perfect product for DIY jobs. Glues are very versatile and can be used to attach materials ranging from wood to paper and plastic. This article will take a look at seven popular DIY projects that you can complete with adhesives.

  1. DIY a Colourful HeadBand

Are you thinking of a thoughtful gift to make for your girls on their first day of school? A DIY headband will do the trick. The tools you need are leather or vinyl, hot glue, and a pair of scissors.

  • Cut out three strips of vinyl or leather that are long enough to make the headband.
  • Braid the strips.
  • After weaving the whole strip, dab some adhesive around it and glue it to a plastic headband.
  1. DIY Coral Wire Décor

Another DIY project you can complete with adhesives is a coral wire décor structure. Coral wire décor can add beauty to the interior of your home.

  • To create a coral wire décor piece, you need strips of old wire, glue and paint.
  • Twist the wires around each other until they form the shape of a coral fan.
  • Braid some strips below the handmade coral fan to create a flat bottom. The flat bottom will help the coral décor stand on your table.
  • Dab your adhesive around each branch of the coral fan to make the wires solid.
  • Finally, paint your coral wire décor in any colour of your choice.
  1. DIY Spin Flower Vase

This spin vase is another great way to make your home beautiful without breaking the bank. The only tools you need are a candleholder and hot glue, which is one reason adhesives make a perfect product for DIY jobs. Moving from bottom to top, use your glue gun to create smooth lines around the candleholder. Leave the glue to dry on the vase for some minutes.

  1. Hide a Hole in Your Jeans

You’ve just found a hole in your favourite jeans. Instead of tossing them to the dump, you can transform them with a piece of lace fabric. Just cut out a patch from the lace fabric in the shape of the hole. Then, attach the material to your jeans with some adhesive to cover up the hole.

  1. DIY Coiled Rope Basket

You can use this rope basket to store your stationery. To make this basket, you need a coloured rope and adhesive. Use your thumb to keep a firm hold on the centre of the rope as you twirl it around to form the basket. Add some adhesive on the top of each row to prevent it from loosening.

  1. DIY Drinks Coaster

Make your guests feel at home with handmade drink coasters. You only need some strips of twine and glue. Hold the edge of the string as you twirl it around to create your beautiful coaster. You should also dab some glue after each twirl to prevent the coaster from falling apart.

  1. Fixing Your Plasterboard with Adhesives

Plasterboards reduce noise transmission between walls without requiring any nails and screws. All you need to put up your plasterboard is a sealing gun and an adhesive cylinder. The following guidelines will help you:

  • Cut off the tip of your adhesive cylinder’s nozzle. Then, place the cartridge in a caulk gun.
  • Carefully apply the adhesive on the back of the plasterboard panel in vertical lines. While drawing the lines, keep a space of 30mm between the top of the plasterboard and the first glue line. Provide the same allowance between the bottom of the plasterboard and the last glue line.
  • Ensure that the vertical glue lines are about 100mm from each other. Now, place the plasterboard against the wall and push it until it is facing the ceiling.
  • Remember to use an offcut of the plasterboard to hold it in place until the panel is firmly attached to the wall.

Have you ever tried any of these projects before? Let us know in the comment section.