5 reasons to love fur this autumn

Whether you’re a fan of the real thing or prefer faux fur, glamorous types know there’s no better way to stay warm this winter than in a beautiful fur coat or stole. There are plenty of reasons to love furs, so here are five of them.

1. It’s so vintage.

Fur coats and hats don’t have to be new – Furs of Mayfair stocks some divine vintage finds, so whether you’re looking to channel your inner 1940s screen siren or just want to save the planet by opting for a vintage fur coat, you’ll find something to suit.

2. It keeps out the chill.

As the Russians have known for years, the fur really does keep you warm – gloriously, snuggly warm so that you won’t even feel how cold it is outside! Did we mention that it looks great too?

3. It’s affordable.

Yes, fur is a luxury, but it’s more affordable than you might think. Whether you buy vintage or simply add fur accessories to your existing coat such as a fur collar or stole, it’s within most people’s budgets.

4. It’s timeless.

Unlike that floral raincoat you bought in Zara, fur won’t date and look out of place next winter. It’s a timeless, chic classic that will last you for years to come!

5. It adds mystery.

Ever wanted to be ‘the lady in the fur coat’? Well, this autumn could be your time. You’re sure to catch someone’s eye.

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