30 Best Fall Wedding Colors Ideas 2024


When it comes to the fall season, it’s difficult to take your mind off the natural foliage and the seasonal flavors that come with it. You don’t have to rack your brain on what colors to choose because there are many colors. These fall wedding colors are beautiful, from rust color bridesmaid dresses palette to sage green invitations.

While choosing your fall wedding colors, you don’t have to restrict yourself to natural colors. You can go as far as exploring jewel tones, blush hues, and earth tones. We have put together 30 best fall colors that you can choose or draw inspiration from, alongside tips on how to incorporate these colors into your wedding decor. Keep scrolling for further details.

Wedding Colors: 30 Best Fall Wedding Color Ideas

1. Burnt orange

For a fall wedding with a rustic style, a burnt orange wedding theme is a good color palette. Incorporate this color into your bridesmaid dresses, bridal bouquets, and table centerpieces.

2. Rust

For an outdoor fall wedding, use a rich rusty hue. Rust falls in between burnt orange and brown, it’s an ideal way to incorporate orange into your fall wedding.

3. Cream

If you prefer a neutral color palette, the cream is a good fall color. Add this color to your bridal bouquet or table runners. You can also combine cream with faded yellow or lush green.

4. Forest green

In case you’re looking forward to hosting an outdoor fall wedding, Forest Green is a perfect palette. It can be quite bold so you have to moderate its use. Maybe for only bridesmaid dresses, table floral pieces, or dining plates.

5. Peach

If you want a palette that sits between orange and pink, peach is the answer! It adds a touch of sophistication to your wedding. You can have a bold pop of peach for your wedding cake.

6. Terracotta

Are you planning for a boho-themed fall wedding? Terracotta is a perfect color palette to choose from. You can pair it with other warm hues or use it alone. It’s mostly used in dinner settings and table decorations.

7. Plum

Plum is a cool shade of purple that you can include in your fall wedding decorations. Add splashes of plum to your floral pieces and reception tables.

8. Dusty rose

With dusty rosey you can add a whimsical feel to fall weddings. Incorporate this palette in napkins and floral designs.

9. Apricot

Apricot might not look like a fall wedding color, but you can see its beauty when you place it over deep hues like burgundy or gold. You can go for an apricot table runner or bridal bouquet.

10. Marigold

Do you want some deep fall hues for your wedding theme? Go for Marigold and make a statement with it. Choosing a marigold candle is a good one.

11. Navy blue

With navy blue, you can make a bold statement at your fall wedding. For example, your flower vases and table linens can be navy blue.

12. Sage green

Sage green is one of the staple wedding palettes that works well for a fall wedding. You get to discover sage green’s beauty when combined with simple colors. Or, use it for your bridesmaid dresses.

13. Dramatic black

Make a grand statement during your wedding with a black palette. While you’re in your white gown, your bridesmaids can wear a dramatic black dress. And your dining area can have touches of black from the napkins to the menu list.

14. Burgundy

Are you looking for an extra color for your fall wedding? Go for burgundy! You can make a bold statement with burgundy in your flower choices and bridesmaid dresses, or you can mix it with other cool hues.

15. Cranberry

For a fall garden wedding, you can add cranberry to the colors of the day for a subtle and bright touch. Add cranberry to your bridal bouquet or have your groom wear a cranberry suit.

16. Taupe

For a classic fall wedding, incorporate taupe into your wedding theme. You can decide to mix it with warm hues such as peach. Incorporate taupe as a candle holder or for table runners.

17. Emerald green

Mix emerald green with hues like burgundy or gold for a touch of luxury. Use it throughout your reception in a grand style or add it in small splashes like seating charts or napkins.

18. Pumpkin

Pumpkin color is a natural reflection of the fall season. For a natural-inspired color palette, incorporate pumpkin into your wedding such as accents in bouquets.

19. Purple

Purple colors are fast gaining popularity for fall weddings and you can also join the trend. This hue is romantic and beautiful. It is useful for table linens, floral decors, and wedding invites.

20. Berry pinks

To add a feminine touch to your wedding, include a berry pink hue to your wedding color. You can use it alone for your wedding invite or mix it with gold and burgundy.

21. White

You can incorporate a white color palette in your outdoor wedding. It creates a scenic and refreshing wedding atmosphere. You can use white for altar and chair decorations.

22. Cornflower

Cornflower is a warm fall color that you can combine with pop colors like golden yellow. It is most useful in table linens, floral decorations, and colored candles.

23. Mustard Yellow

Do you want to include a touch of classiness in your boho-chic wedding? Then, opt for a mustard yellow color. You can combine mustard yellow with green foliage to refresh your wedding location.

24. Dusty Lilac

Although lilac is a spring color, dusty lilac is perfect for a fall wedding. Add dusty lilac flowers to your floral decor or your bridal bouquet.

25. Classic Blue

With classic blue, you can make a luxurious statement at your wedding. Use this palette for table linens, groom’s suits, and wedding invitations.

26. Caramel

Caramel latte is the way to go if you love soft fall colors. Incorporate it into your bridesmaids’ dresses.

27. Cinnamon

Everything about cinnamon is symbolic of fall, from the color to the scent and the taste. Spice up your fall wedding with a fully-fledged cinnamon or indulge it as a pop.

28. Wine

Allow your wedding theme to reflect the vibrant wine hue for your fall wedding. A wine-colored bouquet with peach and sage green touches will pop against your white wedding dress.

29. Whimsical Copper

You can use whimsical copper any time of the year, but it’s most gorgeous in the fall. Incorporate copper into your flower vase or pair it with earth tones or moody hues for a luxurious wedding look.

30. Olive

This warm green is a vibrant neutral that can be used in a fall wedding. You’ll enjoy the sweetness of olive as the color of bridesmaid dresses and tablecloths.


After you have booked a venue for your fall wedding, the next step is to pick any of these fall wedding color palettes. To guide your decorations decisions from wedding invitations to party favors. Consider choosing or combining any of these fall colors to make your big day magical and also memorable.