Top marks for effort – how to effectively plan your time and get the best results

Top marks

The achievement of the desired results may not be easy for college students. Procrastination, lack of inspiration, absence of time, and a plethora of other factors may prevent you from academic, social, and interpersonal success. Does it mean that most college students are destined to failure? Not at all. The struggle is real, but it […]

Class action – how to get the most out of your classes

Class Action

Students spend most of their days in school. They attend lectures, complete homework, and participate in classroom discussions. Or do they? It takes effort and dedication to study well in school. Most students tend to slack or feel bored during lessons. Of course, it is not always their fault. Students need to develop a working […]

Back to School – How to Prepare for the New Term

Back to School

For the overwhelming majority of students, a new term is about a fresh start. It is a unique chance to get together and, improve your grades, become a more successful and influential student who is motivated and goal-driven. At the same time, it is inevitable to mention that people who are not well-prepared for a […]