10 Ways To Have Fun At Your Spain Vacation

For years, Spain has remained a favourite destination for millions of people looking to enjoy the summer, primarily because of the accommodating weather characterized by the country. Thanks to Spain’s geographical proximity to the edges of Europe and fringes of Africa, the country offers a perfect blend of climatic conditions that finds a balance in the mildly temperate and warm weather, making summer an enjoyable experience.

Apart from the exciting weather, the country’s illustrious history, incredibly fascinating picturesque, and a cluster of amiable people are also this country’s positive side. Do you wish to explore the beaches at Ibiza, visit the Moorish temples at Malaga, enjoy bullfighting scenes at Seville or serenade with the festivity in the Basque region? Spain provides a boundless way of enjoying your vacation. Lets’ take a look at a few!

Best 10 Ways to Have Fun at Your Spain Vacation

If you have already decided on the destination for your unforgettable vacation and Spain is your choice, we have what to offer for you to see. There are a lot of places all around the country that are worth visiting.

Enjoy The Party Frenzy in Ibiza

Ibiza’s proximity to the beach makes it an ideal spot for people who derive enjoyment from frolicking on the sea with their partners or relatives. Usually, this city houses an avalanche of superstars and celebrities, from footballers to artists. But besides the relaxed atmosphere, there is a thrilling side to Ibiza. At night, Ibiza erupts into a wild frenzy. Here, party-lovers enjoy a field day, dancing and singing, romanticizing in exciting manners. There is never a dull moment in this place as every corner houses a club or pub. Notable clubs include Pacha club, ocean beach club, heart club, Eden club, Destino club, etc.

Play Casino

Can you genuinely have fun in Madrid without playing casino? Casino gambling is a viral game in Spain. It is estimated that Spanish citizens rank third on the list of the highest amount of funds pumped into casinos globally. In Spain alone, over 40 land-based casinos are scattered across all cities and regions, but Madrid remains an attractive destination for punters visiting the city for the first time.

As much as there are physical casino pubs to enjoy, you could also enjoy virtually the various casino gaming sites. According to the report from the Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling, it has been statistically proven that Spanish people prefer online casino gaming to physical slot machine play.

According to this data, 1.3 million Euros were deposited online on casino sites for betting, which is a 7.70% rise from previous quarters. Online gambling is also appreciated because of different bonuses that can be found on the platforms. On the site slotozilla.com it is possible to find the list of amazing bonuses that are offered on deposit or without it and many casino reviews for you to find only the best reliable platforms.

Visit Alhambra In Granada

Granada is a significant city in the varied history of Spain. The city was previously home to the constellation of Moors and Muslims before being eventually chased out following the Reconquista. As such, the city still enjoys the hangovers from this Islamic legacy, shown in the architecture of its building and mosques. Located at an elevated position, the Alhambra complex overlooks the entire city, flanked in the background by hills and misty bushes. The complex offers the best place to have a cascading picture of the whole of Granada. In addition, the scenery at Granada evokes serenading sensations of the historical past and lore of the city.


SkyDiving often shivers down people’s spines, but it is indeed an adventure worth relishing. And, there is no better place to enjoy this activity than in Spain. Although Seville is mainly the city reputed for skydiving, the experience at Empuriabrava will definitely blow you away. Don’t hesitate to launch into the sky and enjoy the high-risk experience of skydiving.

Visit Barcelona and Watch a Live Match at the Nou Camp

Barcelona is an incredible city. Since the medieval period, the city has been the epicentre of commerce in Spain, enjoying the influx of people from all places in Europe. There are lots of startling features in this city. First is the Sagrada Familia, a magical might of building embellished with intricately detailed and designed articles. Second is the Nou Camp, the home of FC Barcelona, the European Football Giant with an illustrious history, and third in the city’s museum. After a breathtaking view of the Sagrada La Familia during the day, the best to unwind at night is to get a ticket to watch FC Barcelona play at Camp Nou in their characteristically exciting playing pattern.

Enjoy the Exotic Cuisines at Seville

Europe just has a knack for delicacies. Even though France is the popular country for the best cuisines, other European countries, especially Spain, equally produce the best cuisines. Your visit to Spain would be incomplete without tasting the wide variety of their cuisines. Tapas, especially, is a staple food enjoyed with drinks in Spain. This food is best enjoyed in Seville in places like Plaza Los Terceros and Paseo Catalina.

Visit The Capital City Madrid

Madrid sits at the heart of Spain. You’re first greeted to the city by its large city center, marked by historical sculptures and statues. One of the best things to do in this city is to enjoy the Flamenco show, an art show featuring dance, vocals, and music. If you have a knack for music and creative shows, then the Flamenco show is best suited for you. In addition to watching the flamenco, you could also visit the Prado museum.

Here, you can go back to memory lane, acquainting yourself with some of the best artists to have graced Spain. From El Greco, Goya to Velazquez, the list is endless. If staring at the works of these legendary men doesn’t assuage your artistic thirst, you could take a leap, checking the works of “self-portrait” by Durer or take a further one by enjoying the vast collection of Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings.

Enjoy Skiing in Nevada

Spain is so geographically blessed that its features can be used for entertainment purposes. An example is a mountainous region in Andalucia, Granada. Covered in snowy conditions, this is the best place to enjoy skiing if you have a knack for the sport.  Skiing and snowboarding offer numberless benefits. This includes helping you strengthen your lower body muscles, burning calories, enhancing body flexibility, and, most importantly, boosting your mood. Skiing in Nevada is a brilliant way to cater to your health and wellness while having maximum fun. Interestingly, Nevada is one of the best places to enjoy skiing in Europe. The best Nevada resorts include the diamond peak, Mt Rose, Lee Canyon, and Snowbowl in Elko County.

Enjoy La Tomatina at Bunol

The La Tomatina is a popular festival celebrated in Spain by people holding squashed tomatoes in their hands happily in the company of other people. This festival is celebrated every august and is considered one of the greatest festivals in Europe, dating back to as far as 1944.

Legend has it that the celebration started due to a street brawl when a young boy threw vegetables at people after a street fight. The following year the same group of people brought tomatoes and picked a quarrel in retaliation. The trend continued, eventually becoming a celebration.

The festival is the largest food festival in the world. However, ironically, there are no tomatoes in Bunol, the place where it is celebrated, yet over 1.5akh tomatoes are quashed during the celebration. La Tomatina holds every year in August and is observed in Bunol. To identify, you’ll need to dress accordingly and, of course, take a waterproof camera.

Eat Paella At Valencia

Enjoying the peculiar cuisines in Spain is indeed a genuine way to bond with the people and enjoy your experience in the Basque region. This delicacy offers a tasty flavour and irresistible savour even if you are not a foodie. It is no surprise that it is widely considered a national delicacy. Paella comes in different dimensions; the most usual ones, however, are prepared with rice, rabbit, beans, chicken, and green beans.

Summary of The Best Things To Do During A Spain Vacation

If your time in Spain is limited, it’s quite difficult to choose what destinations you must see and what is better to skip. Here is a brief summary of the named above recommendations to let you choose the best way to entertain yourself in this amazing country.

Partying in IbizaIn Ibiza, you don’t learn how to dance; you’re forced to dance with the ticklish music erupting in your veins.
SkydivingIt is widely acknowledged that Spain enjoys the best climate for this skydiving and other related activities.
Playing CasinoThere are over 40 land-based casinos in Spain, scattered across all cities and regions. Madrid remains one of the attractive destinations for punters visiting the country for the first time.
Visiting MadridOne of the best things to do in this city is to enjoy the Flamenco show, an art show featuring dance, vocals, and music.
FoodEnjoying the peculiar cuisines in Spain is indeed a genuine way to bond with the people.


Spain remains one of the favourite destinations on planet earth to enjoy a fun-filled vacation. As mentioned earlier while introducing this article, the country enjoys brilliant weather that makes it pleasing to enjoy summer. Other inviting features of Spain include the plethora of cities bustling with vibrant nightlife, tasty cuisines, historical monuments, cheerful festivities, scents of serenity, and importantly, amiable people From Madrid, the city’s capital, to Granada.

If you’ve decided to enjoy your vacation in Spain, that’s a brilliant decision you’ve made. Even a second in this city breathes a magnificence to behold. But you do not need to be unsure of events and activities to do for maximum enjoyment. Hopefully, you will find the top 10 ways to have fun on your Spain vacation explored in this article helpful.


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