Tips On How To Earn VIP Status At An Online Casino

Being a VIP in most walks of life is incredibly advantageous, and at online casinos, potentially more so. A raft of perks will come a member’s way if they’re inducted into or opt into a VIP scheme, but in many cases, it’s not just a case of deciding to become a VIP player. So our tips below should help.

Find out the requirements

It may seem obvious, but if you’re playing at an online gaming platform with a VIP system, such as PartyCasino, the first thing you should do is find out how you become a VIP player and work towards it. Usually, there will be some information provided, but it’s also possible to speak to a customer support agent to find out. Once you know how you can set about achieving your aim efficiently rather than just winging it.

Log in regularly

It’s quite simple; if you’re not logging in regularly, you’re not going to have much of a chance of being deemed a VIP player. We’ll come onto the activity in more detail further on in this guide. However, regular logins are vital. Operators want to see which of their members are active the most, and they do look at who is logging in and when. Regular logins are also going to be crucial in retaining VIP status, and that’s worth remembering too.

Play as often as possible

Kind of linked into what we mentioned above, but in terms of loyalty and proving you’re worthy of being a VIP member at an online casino, operators will be keen to see you play games often. Consistency will be key here, so logging in and playing games at an online casino for a consistent amount of time per day, week or month is going to put you in a fantastic position and catch the eye of those on the lookout for VIPs.

Be smart in your game selection

Now, this may not be immediately obvious, but in most cases, casino operators are keen on players who spin the reels of video slots or play table games often. We’re not saying other content, such as instant wins, doesn’t count, but the main games are the ones that operators want to see their members playing, and slots, table games such as blackjack and roulette, and live casino, fit the bill here.

Play for real cash

It goes without saying that VIP players are the ones who spend money when gaming. So, whether it’s spinning the reels of slots or placing wagers at the roulette wheel, you’ve got to be playing for real money to even be considered. Many places will suggest that the more you spend, the better, which you could say is true. But it’s probably the frequency of wagers and how much is being staked per round that will catch the attention of operators.

Do your best to win

This may seem really stupid, especially as a lot of games at online casinos are based on luck alone, such as video slots, but VIP players are often those who are not only winning but winning often and winning big. One of the ways to increase your chances of winning is, of course, to play games with the most favourable odds. Or, if it’s slots, the best RTPs.

Opt-in to bonuses

Most members at online casinos will naturally be ecstatic when they see bonuses come their way. But it’s essential to use them where possible if you want to earn VIP status. By utilising the promotions a platform runs, it shows that you’re not only an active member but someone who appreciates the efforts being made and also a player who is keen to get involved in everything.

By following our tips above, you should be able to earn VIP status at an online casino in no time. What we must stress, however, is that there are many platforms out there, so check for the best VIP schemes and the ones that will reward you the most. It may also be worth considering the sites where you have to do the least to become a VIP, too, as it should save you money and time.