Will Online Live Casinos Ever Dethrone the Luxury of London’s Old Casinos?

London is famous for its glitzy and luxurious casinos, many of which are frequented by high-rollers and celebrities on nights out. While the city has a lot to see and do, if you’re a fan of gambling, you should definitely consider checking out these historic buildings.

For example, Crockfords is located in the heart of Mayfair and is well known for its exclusive dress code and high-class clientele. The casino has been around since 1828 and continues to be a premier destination, but is its future under threat from online casinos?

According to the online live casino reviewers from casinoalpha.com, these sites have gotten better quality scores over the years. The user experience, the professionalism of dealers and the high payouts add to the positive pile of advantages. However, the sense of community and socialising still lacks as compared to West London gambling establishments.

Why More People Are Playing Online

Despite the allure of land-based casino gambling, more players than ever are choosing to sign up and play at online casinos. The truth is that online gambling offers lots of advantages that land-based casinos simply can’t provide.


For example, it’s far more convenient to create an account at a gambling site and start playing, as you don’t need to put on your best clothes, travel into central London and then wait for a table. You can enjoy online casino games on your computer or mobile device, and it’s incredibly easy to begin.


Not only are online casinos easy to use, but for a lot of players, they offer more fun and excitement too. When you play online, you’ll have access to a games library that might include thousands of different titles.


There’s far more variety, and most online casinos are also in the habit of offering bonuses and promotions to new and current players. Of course, the introduction of live casino games can’t be overlooked either.

Here are some common bonuses you can find when you play casino games online:

Bonus TypeExplanation
Free spinsClaim free spins to use on selected slots and play risk-free.
Matched deposit bonusReceive bonus funds when you make a deposit, matched to the amount of funds you add.
No deposit bonusEarn a free reward simply for signing up with no deposit needed to play.

Can Live Casino Games Threaten Land-Based Casinos?

Sure online casinos are more convenient, but for many years, land-based casinos such as those in London felt safe from any competition. However, live casino games may have changed that completely. While regular games use computer graphics and random number generators, live games are as close to the real thing as you can get without leaving your home.

When you join a live dealer table, you’re playing against a real dealer who is live-streamed from a casino studio. In terms of immersion and realism, it’s hard to beat, and it makes online casino gaming even more exciting. There are now loads of different live games to choose from, including:

·  Live roulette

· Live blackjack

· Live baccarat

· Monopoly live

· Live slots such as Gonzo’s Quest

Aside from being more realistic, live games offer players a chance to interact with their dealer and other players at the table, introducing a social aspect to online gaming. This is definitely something that had previously been an advantage of land-based casinos, but now it looks like that’s no longer exclusive.

Land-based casinos have seen a drop off in the number of players in recent years, and the global pandemic only made things worse. For historic London casinos such as Crockfords and Empire Casino to survive, they need to offer something unique.

How Land-Based Casinos Can Attract More Clientele

Although there’s no doubt that lives casino games could threaten to dethrone land-based casinos, these historic buildings offer much more than just gaming. One of the ways that places such as Crockfords can continue to attract players is through their historical value.

Players are interested in far more than just gaming when they visit a luxury London casino. They want to experience the thrill of playing in a room that’s seen billions of pounds won and lost over the years. Not only that, but they want to do so while rubbing shoulders with high-rollers. That tangible nature of land-based gaming is something that online casinos can never compete with.

Aside from that, here are a few ideas that land-based casinos could employ to attract more clientele:

·                     Offering bonuses and comps – Online casinos offer bonuses to new players, and it’s something that some land-based casinos do too. It can be anything from free chips to free drinks.

·                     Tournaments – Tournaments let you compete against other players for a chance to win big prizes, and they’re a great way to bring in crowds of people.

·                     More exclusive – Interestingly, making a place more exclusive and harder to get into can make it seem more attractive and result in more people attending.

·                     Unique experiences – Las Vegas casinos offer shows and events to help draw in crowds and get people to spend more time in the casino.

Final Thoughts

It’s unlikely that online gambling will ever truly replace land-based casinos, but it is providing a lot of competition. For traditional casinos to survive in a time when live dealer games are easier to access than ever, they need to get creative in how they attract players and what they offer.