London’s Hottest Restaurants

London is one of the world’s leading cities for dining. Many of the best restaurants from the most renowned chefs operate in London. You can find food from every cuisine imaginable and dishes that range from the traditional and classic to the ultra-modern and experimental.

One of the most remarkable features of the London dining scene is that new and familiar restaurants share the limelight. Below are some of London’s hottest restaurants, drawn from recent openings and long-term favourites.

Mountain, 16–18 Beak Street, W1

It’s possible to still enjoy fine dining without ruining your budget for the week. Going out for a big lunch instead of dinner is always an option for a cheap night out. Mountain is a great lunch destination for a day out with friends, though keep in mind that they can only currently seat parties of six people or fewer.

The menu at Mountain isn’t extensive, it’s tightly focused on offering the best of seasonal produce. There is a selection of game and seafood entrees, with sides that enhance rather than distract. It is a member of the Super 8 family of restaurants, and you can expect the same quality and attention to detail at Mountain as you would expect from Brat or Kiln.

Sheesh, 67–69 Piccadilly, W1J

Sheesh is not a new name in Mayfair and the fact that it remains on the top of so many restaurant lists is a testament to its quality. Sheesh blends modern ideas about gastronomy with classic techniques, creating a delightful menu.

For something special, choose from their Main Event dishes. All of these are cooked over a charcoal fire, giving them a depth of flavour that you can’t get from other cooking methods. We expect that Sheesh will remain a hot London restaurant for many years to come.

Lucky Cat, 10 Grosvenor Square, W1K

Celebrity chef restaurants can be hit or miss, and Gordon Ramsey’s Lucky Cat is definitely a hit. Lucky Cat is Ramsey’s love letter to Asian cuisine. All of the dishes are meant to be shared for a communal experience reminiscent of traditional family meals in Asia. The highlights include the bonito fried duck leg bao and the smoked lamb shoulder larb.

For a truly special experience, consider booking the Lucky Cat chef’s table. Being able to watch elite chefs at work is always fascinating and the tasting menu allows you to sample the best that the restaurant has to offer.

Supernova, 25 Peter Street, W1F

There’s a reason that the leading fast-food restaurants are almost all burger restaurants—sometimes there’s nothing better than a good hamburger. In today’s world of smash burgers, thin patty stacks, and meat alternative burgers, we’re spoiled for choice. Supernova is a new burger destination in London that has quickly become a must-visit.

The menu is incredibly simple—two burgers, fries, and two sundaes. By keeping it simple, they can focus on the quality. There’s something incredibly nostalgic and fun about having a simple cheeseburger and fries. The diners of London must feel the same way because there’s almost always a queue. Thankfully, service is very quick so the queue shouldn’t scare anyone away.

Sketch, 9 Conduit Street, W1S

Sketch is one of London’s more intriguing and eclectic dining spots. In actuality, Sketch is composed of a 3-Michelin-star restaurant, a cocktail bar, and three separate smaller restaurants. Each one of these venues has its own aesthetic. The Glade has a forest theme and is quite magical, The Parlour blends the comfort of a Victorian smoking room with a flash of ‘80s neon, and The Gallery is a bit of gorgeous pink vintage class.

The seasonal afternoon tea in The Gallery is one of the highlights of the London winter season. The pear Battenberg is particularly delicious, and the tea selection has something for even the most discerning connoisseurs.

The website for Sketch captures the spirit of play that infuses the entire restaurant and experience. It can be a bit frustrating for those only familiar with strictly linear websites but diving into the spirit of play is quite rewarding.

Chishuru, 3 Great Titchfield Street, W1W

Chishuru opened the doors at its new location in September of this year. Their original location in Brixton and their pop-up locations could simply not meet the demand for chef Adejoké Bakare’s fantastic West African dishes. Chishuru only serves set menus, but they are happy to provide vegetarian alternatives for all of the dishes they serve.

Jay Rayner’s review of Chishuru helped to launch its popularity but it was the food itself that made it one of London’s hottest destinations. On the current dinner menu, the sinasir and the nsala are simply magical and the lunch menu is brightened by the ekuru—a wild watermelon seed cake with pumpkin seed pesto and a scotch bonnet chilli sauce.