Clifford St

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Streets of Mayfair London

Clifford St

Clifford Street is a historic avenue in central Mayfair, London, constructed in the early 18th century on land previously part of the Burlington Estate. The street draws its name from the Clifford family, Earls of Cumberland, with the heiress of the title being the mother of the first Lord Burlington.

Strategically positioned, Clifford Street stretches from New Bond Street to Savile Row, intersected by Old Burlington Street, with Cork Street branching from its southern side towards Burlington Gardens.

This street has witnessed significant historical events. The Clifford Street Coffee House, near Bond Street, was the meeting point for the Clifford Street Club around 1800, a debating society fondly termed the Clifford Street Senate.

Notably, Henry Addington, the British Prime Minister from 1801–04, resided at number 7, and Admiral Sir Eliab Harvey, commander of the Téméraire at the Battle of Trafalgar, lived at number 8.

Buck’s clubhouse, situated at number 18, became the birthplace of the renowned Bucks Fizz cocktail and was a muse for P.G. Wodehouse’s stories.

Several buildings on Clifford Street are recognised by English Heritage.

Furthermore, the street is home to esteemed establishments such as Drakes, Eskenazi, The Maas Gallery, and the longstanding Morris’s Cafe.