Auction House

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Auction House

Discover the world’s prestigious auction houses in London UK. Renowned and trusted experts for live and online auctions. Get amazed by discovering exclusive catalogues with Contemporary Art, Jewellery, Watches, Modern and Impressionist Art, Old Masters, Chinese Works of Art, Wine and Spirits, fashion items, and antiques, among many other unique items and editions.

Our list of auction houses with international acclaim are seeing record-breaking sales. Phillips and Sotheby’s, known to sell extremely rare antiques and collectables, are also located in Mayfair, empowering the community of collectors and connoisseurs to bid for that exclusive item.

Arrange a visit to an auction house in Mayfair London.  Be part of the special treatment of VIPs in a bespoke private sale, or get personalised appraisals, valuations and other financial services.