Waddington Custot

Where Art Meets Legacy in Mayfair

Waddington Custot stands as a prestigious art gallery in the heart of Mayfair, London, renowned for its exceptional collection of modern and contemporary art. Since its establishment in 1958 by Victor Waddington, and subsequently nurtured by his son Leslie, the gallery has become a cornerstone of London’s art scene. Situated on Cork Street, a location synonymous with fine art, Waddington Custot offers an immersive experience into the world of artistic innovation and excellence. Visitors can expect to find a meticulously curated selection of paintings, sculptures, and works on paper, showcasing the talents of some of the most influential figures in the art world.

What to Expect

Upon stepping into Waddington Custot, one is enveloped in a space where history and creativity converge. This gallery is celebrated for its ties to the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, highlighting its role in shaping contemporary art discourse. The commitment to representing both established and emerging artists ensures a dynamic and evolving exhibition space that captivates art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether you’re drawn to the bold statements of Pop Art or the nuanced expressions of contemporary masters, a visit to this Mayfair establishment promises a rich exploration of artistic endeavors across decades.

16 April 2024 - 8:13 AM
10am – 6pm
10am – 6pm
10am – 6pm
10am – 6pm
10am – 6pm
10am – 6pm