The Ritz London

The Ritz London

A Legacy of Luxury


The Ritz London, located in the prestigious Mayfair area, stands as a symbol of timeless luxury. Operating since its opening in 1906, this landmark hotel on Piccadilly has been an epitome of elegance and refined taste. Its exterior, graced by green copper lions, hints at the splendour within. Once inside, guests are enveloped in a world of opulence, where sparkling chandeliers, gilded mirrors, and plush velvet drapes evoke an era of unparalleled grandeur.

Culinary Excellence and Service Perfection

At The Ritz London, the culinary experience is as exquisite as its ambiance. The Ritz Restaurant, a Michelin-Starred venue led by Executive Chef John Williams MBE, offers artistic and sumptuous dishes. This dining space, with its majestic windows overlooking Green Park, is a haven for gourmets. Moreover, the hotel is renowned for its unparalleled service. The staff, discreet yet attentive, ensure that every guest’s stay is seamless and memorable, making The Ritz not just a hotel, but a complete experience of luxury and hospitality.

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