The Punchbowl

The Punchbowl

A Mayfair Pub with Historical Charm


In the upscale district of Mayfair, London, The Punchbowl stands as a testament to British pub culture, with a history stretching back to around 1750. This historic pub occupies a classic Georgian building, its beautiful interiors exuding an air of timeless elegance. The Punchbowl is celebrated for its unique dual identity; the ground floor houses a traditional pub, offering real ales and classic pub fare in a welcoming atmosphere. Meanwhile, the upstairs transforms into a more refined dining room, focusing on seasonal British cuisine that showcases the best of the nation’s produce. This blend of casual and upscale dining ensures that The Punchbowl offers something for every patron, whether they’re in the mood for a pint or a gourmet meal.

Celebrated Past and Present

Over the years, The Punchbowl has attracted a roster of famous clientele, including celebrities like Madonna and Guy Ritchie, who once co-owned the venue, adding a layer of glamour to its rich history. Beyond its star-studded past, the pub continues to be a beloved spot among locals and visitors alike, thanks to its commitment to quality and hospitality. The inclusion of a private dining room offers an intimate space for special occasions, blending the best of British culinary excellence with the pub’s historic charm. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of rubbing shoulders with celebrities, the quality of the food and drink, or the historic ambiance, The Punchbowl in Mayfair is a destination that promises an unforgettable experience.

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