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Presenting the Work of Great Artists

The Sadie Coles is an art gallery focusing on exhibiting the work of renowned and rising international artists from throughout the world. The Sadie Coles headquarters opened in April 1997.  For example, the gallery’s premiere exhibition of new paintings by American painter John Currin ran concurrently with a display in St John Street by British artist Sarah Lucas, The Law. This established the gallery’s program’s worldwide component. Since its beginning, Sadie Coles HQ has operated from several diverse facilities and staged off-site initiatives in various locations.

Coles has used the same approach for each of her presentations since her first show. Using the gallery’s visual identity – a grey block that symbolises the gallery space and can be seen on all of her branded material – enables each artist to pick their own colour. In addition, a piece of the artist’s work is shown on the inside of the card.

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