Ralph Pucci

Ralph Pucci

Where Timeless Design Meets Modern Mastery.


In the heart of London’s prestigious Mayfair neighbourhood stands Ralph Pucci‘s flagship store, a beacon of luxury and innovation in furniture, lighting, and mannequin design. Emerging from humble beginnings in the 1950s as a family-run mannequin fabrication venture, Ralph Pucci has metamorphosed into a globally acclaimed gallery, often hailed among the finest in design circles.

A Legacy of Collaboration and Craftsmanship

The essence of Ralph Pucci lies not just in the exquisite designs but also in its commitment to collaboration. Handpicking the crème de la crème of artists and designers from around the world, Pucci showcases pieces that vividly reflect the artist’s touch and vision. This inclination towards artistry is palpable in every creation, echoing Pucci’s philosophy of celebrating the “hand of the artist.” While revering the legends of design, Ralph Pucci remains forward-looking, nurturing and supporting emerging talents. A testament to this is the enduring partnership with students from the esteemed Pratt Institute, furthering the brand’s mission to bridge the past, present, and future of design.

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