High Performance Cars

A guiding principle of Porsche has always been to allow each customer the opportunity to create a highly personal car and the ultimate expression of this philosophy is Porsche Exclusive.

Explore the design, performance and tech features across our different models. — Sport, Coupé, GTS, Turbo. Models: 718, 911, Panamera, Cayenne, Macan.

Porsche Exclusive provides customers with a unique, personalised vehicle that meets all of their special wishes – in terms of both styling and performance.  The opportunities are endless against any Porsche model providing it is technically feasible and it doesn’t compromise quality.

The company continues to celebrate its heritage by amending the long list of motorsports victories which date back to its first 24 Hours of Le Mans class win in 1951. Today, with more than 28,000 victories, Porsche is recognised as the world’s most successful brand in sports car racing.

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