Park Chinois

Park Chinois

Where Mayfair Meets Shanghai in a Culinary Symphony.


Tucked away in opulent Mayfair, Park Chinois stands as a luxurious homage to the glamour and allure of 1930s Shanghai. Designed to transport you into another world, this extraordinary venue serves up more than just exquisite Chinese cuisine. It offers an immersive experience, blending culinary mastery with captivating live performances, from chef to show. Guests can indulge in a wide array of dishes crafted from the finest ingredients, elevating the art of Chinese cooking to new heights.

Weekday Set Lunch: A Midday Culinary Retreat in Salon de Chine

Take a break from your routine and treat yourself to the Weekday Set Lunch, exclusively available from Monday to Friday in Salon de Chine. This lunch offering is not just a meal; it’s an event in itself, marrying the rich flavours of Chinese gastronomy with the luxurious ambiance that Park Chinois is renowned for in Mayfair.

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Tuesday12:00 AM12:00 AM
Wednesday12:00 AM12:00 AM
Thursday12:00 AM12:00 AM
Friday12:00 AM12:00 AM
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Sunday12:00 AM12:00 AM
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