A Temple of Artistic Discovery


Ordovas is a distinguished sanctuary in the world of art, celebrated for its museum-quality exhibitions that bring to light the masters of the 20th century and contemporary era. It offers a unique space for art lovers who seek extraordinary encounters with artistic brilliance. Envision a setting where the genius of Picasso meets the boldness of Warhol, creating an extraordinary dialogue across polished concrete floors. Ordovas transcends the traditional concept of an art gallery; it is a carefully curated space where each exhibition is crafted not only to display masterpieces but to weave a narrative, spark conversations, and ignite a deep passion for art.

A Haven for Art Collectors

Beyond its public exhibitions, Ordovas serves as a discreet refuge for art collectors. Drawing on extensive experience from prestigious institutions like Christie’s and Gagosian, the team at Ordovas offers expert guidance through the complex landscape of art acquisition. They provide personalized consultations, exclusive access to private collections, and a bespoke journey for each collector to discover their ideal artwork. This tailored approach ensures that every interaction with Ordovas is as unique and valuable as the art it houses.

Whether you are a seasoned art collector or a newcomer to this vibrant world, Ordovas invites you to an intimate exploration of art history. Stepping through its unassuming entrance, visitors are transported to a realm where beauty, knowledge, and artistic exploration converge in a truly transformative experience.

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