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Jean Claude Biver once said of Marcus Margulies. ‘The mistake many people make about Marcus, is that they treat him like a normal person.’

Marcus Margulies has character, maybe a little too much for today’s increasingly corporate world; but the luxury watch trade of 20 or 30 years ago was a very different place from the one we know today. It was run by individuals rather than by huge corporations and Marcus is nothing if not an individual. What Marcus has cannot be learned and it cannot be taught. There is an innate love of quality, a sense of daring, and a self-confidence that is, to be honest, rather enviable. Then there is the experience, a lifetime of it. He can remember watches that now change hands at auction for six and seven figures, when they were first launched. And it is to recapture some of the excitement of those times that Marcus opened his eponymous steel and glass palace on Bond Street.

So, in the centre of the one or two hundred metres of the most valuable retail real estate in the world, right between the biggest luxury brands there are, you will find Marcus’s highly idiosyncratic and intensely personal take on the best of contemporary and classic watchmaking. If you are after a normal watch then you are in the wrong place, but then you know that already… after all you would have to be mad to treat Marcus as a normal person.

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