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In the heart of Mayfair lies the boutique of Jimmy Choo, a brand that has become synonymous with luxury and high fashion. The brand’s journey began in the early 1990s, when the custom shoemaker Jimmy Choo made a name for himself among the elite, including the beloved Princess Diana. With the artistic vision of his niece, Sandra Choi, who has been the Creative Director since 1996, the brand has consistently delivered collections that embody a seductive cut, fashion-forward design, and unmatched Italian craftsmanship.

Global Expansion and Celebrity Endorsement

The acclaim for Jimmy Choo’s distinctive style and quality craftsmanship spurred an ambitious global expansion, transforming the brand into an international luxury powerhouse. Jimmy Choo’s embrace by Hollywood celebrities and the visibility on the red carpet has cemented its reputation, making it a staple amongst the high-profile and the fashion-conscious. The brand’s marketing has been as bold and striking as the products it offers, with iconic campaigns featuring strong, glamorous women, captured by preeminent fashion photographers. Today, Jimmy Choo remains at the vanguard of fashion, a name that is both iconic and indicative of refined taste.

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