Jimmy Choo is a prominent worldwide luxury brand characterised by an emboldened sense of elegance and a playfully adventurous attitude of experimentation and exploration.

A custom shoemaker called Jimmy Choo, headquartered in Mayfair London in the early 1990s and catering to the worldwide jet set, including Princess Diana, is credited with founding the brand. When Mr. Choo’s niece, Sandra Choi, who had been overseeing design at the East End atelier, joined the firm in 1996, she was appointed Creative Director, a post she has held ever since. Mr. Choo left the firm in 2001 after a long career.

A refined audience responded to the sensual cut, stylish design, and superb Italian workmanship of the first collection, which was a huge hit immediately. Jimmy Choo received outside financing with the purpose of building a worldwide luxury brand, and the firm proceeded on a massive growth across product categories, distribution methods, and locations.

Jimmy Choo was a pioneer in the art of celebrity dressing and was one of the first to introduce shoes and handbags to Hollywood, where the red carpet proved to be the perfect runway for the brand’s collections. As a result, Jimmy Choo is now a household name, with his shoes being worn by everyone from celebrities to royalty to singers to leaders of state.

The brand’s status as a celebrity favourite aided in the company’s meteoric rise to prominence. Further defining its image was the bold and dramatic advertising that featured attractive yet powerful women in towering heels and luxury purses, all of which were taken by some of the world’s most recognised fashion photographers.

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