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Gina, located in the heart of London’s Mayfair, is a haven for discerning shoe lovers. Established in 1954 by Mehmet Kurdash, a master shoemaker with a vision for glamorous footwear, Gina has become synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design. Each shoe is meticulously handcrafted in London, reflecting Kurdash’s dedication to quality and utilizing only the finest materials. The boutique’s name pays homage to iconic Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida, embodying the glamour and elegance that Kurdash sought to capture in his creations.

Footwear Artistry

Stepping into Gina is like entering a treasure trove of footwear artistry. The curated selection of shoes offers more than just functionality; they are works of art. Sleek pumps, stylish sandals, and meticulously crafted boots adorn the shelves, each boasting impeccable construction and undeniable flair. The boutique’s plush carpeting, warm lighting, and attentive staff provide an air of sophistication that extends beyond the footwear, offering an unforgettable experience. Whether you seek a statement piece to elevate your evening attire or a pair of timeless classics for everyday wear, Gina’s exquisite collection offers a celebration of footwear as an art form, blending enduring quality with effortless elegance.

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