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Furs of Mayfair is a family business with a professional but approachable friendly style and nothing but satisfied customers.

All of our garments are made from the highest quality fur and are sold at competitive prices.


We will give you a fair price for any existing fur coats that you wish to sell when buying a new garment.

Remodelling and Repairs

Remodelling and repairs are our speciality. When you bring your fur garment in for remodelling, we will provide you with advice on designs and the latest trends.  You will receive an on-the-spot price quotation for the remodelling or repair work with no obligation to proceed.  There are endless possibilities, such as gilet, throw, reversible raincoat, modern jacket or coat, cushions, scarves, headbands, trim on capes etc.

Honesty is also very important to us and in the event that your garment is in poor condition, we will advise you accordingly on what is possible.

Storage & Cleaning

Fur garments will last for decades if they are properly stored by professional furriers at the correct humidity and temperature.  We provide easy access storage facilities at very reasonable prices.  We will check the garment’s condition and we do not charge for minor repairs.

For customers storing their garments in the United Kingdom, you can also visit our cold storage website: www.furstorage.uk

A fur garment should be cleaned, on average, once every two years if it is worn regularly.  Furs are cleaned in a special process using sawdust, which will remove dust particles, make it soft and supple and restore its natural sheen.

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