Fresh, Sustainable Seafood Delights


FishWorks stands out as one of London’s premier seafood destinations, where the day’s freshest catch is transformed into culinary masterpieces. This restaurant takes pride in its commitment to sustainability, ensuring that every dish begins with the highest quality, responsibly sourced fish. Guests at FishWorks can expect a dynamic menu, with daily landings featuring prominently on the chalkboard displays alongside classic favourites. The offerings range from luxurious Fruits de Mer to expertly prepared South Coast scallops, and a rendition of gourmet cod and chips that is simply unparalleled. Each plate at FishWorks is a celebration of the sea’s bounty, prepared with skill and served with passion.

Exceptional Wines and Experiences

The excellence at FishWorks extends beyond its seafood. The restaurant boasts an exceptional wine selection, carefully curated by master Sommelier Tim McLaughlin-Green. Each wine is chosen to complement the nuanced flavours of the seafood, creating a harmonious dining experience. In addition to its remarkable menu, FishWorks offers a vibrant bar scene where guests can indulge in champagne and oysters. The restaurant also features a fresh fish counter for those wishing to take a taste of the sea home. Moreover, FishWorks hosts wine tasting events, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to deepen their appreciation of fine wines. This blend of exquisite food, superb wine, and engaging experiences makes FishWorks a must-visit for seafood lovers in London.

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