Charbonnel et Walker

Charbonnel et Walker

Where Tradition Meets Timeless Indulgence


In the world of confectionery, Charbonnel et Walker stands as a beacon of tradition and quality. Every piece of their chocolate is handcrafted with devotion, closely following the timeless recipes bestowed by Madame Charbonnel. The brand’s dark chocolate, crafted from the choicest dark couverture, is celebrated for its opulent richness, providing a taste journey that resonates with indulgence and sheer pleasure.

The Perfect Gift, Every Time

When one thinks of gifting, a beautifully adorned box from Charbonnel et Walker is unparalleled. Not merely a box of chocolates, but an embodiment of sentiment, care, and appreciation, swathed in luxurious hand-made boxes and satin ribbons. This isn’t just a treat; it’s an experience that speaks of sophistication and time-honoured tradition.

But beyond the exquisite chocolates, it’s the illustrious history of Charbonnel et Walker that captivates. A variety of patrons, ranging from royalty and aristocracy to luminaries of art and cinema, have been captivated by their offerings. Noteworthy figures such as Princess Diana, Wallis Simpson, and theatrical legends like Sir John Gielgud and Noel Coward have indulged in their delights. Film icons like Sir Alec Guinness and Lauren Bacall, too, have been charmed by these renowned chocolates.

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