A Nut and Chocolate Wonderland


Carpo Glasshouse in Piccadilly is a dream destination for those with a fondness for nuts and chocolates. Renowned for sourcing the finest, hand-picked nuts, Carpo presents a rich variety including pistachios, macadamias, and unique delights like dried figs paired with walnuts. Each selection promises an explosion of flavours and textures, offering a truly gourmet experience for nut enthusiasts. At Carpo, chocolate is not just a treat, but an art form. Their handcrafted chocolates, made from single-origin beans, are a testament to their commitment to quality. The range features unique fillings and exquisite combinations, like caramelized pecans encased in dark chocolate and rose-infused truffles, offering moments of pure indulgent bliss to chocolate lovers.

Aromatic Coffee and Immersive Ambience

Complementing the nut and chocolate offerings, Carpo Glasshouse also boasts in-house roasted, aromatic coffee beans. Whether it’s to kick start your day or to accompany your sweet indulgences, their coffee is the perfect partner. The immersive experience at Carpo extends beyond mere shopping; with glass walls showcasing the roasting nuts, intoxicating aromas filling the air, and a stylish space, it’s a sensory journey that captivates all who enter.

The Perfect Gifts for Every Occasion

Carpo Glasshouse also specialises in curated hampers and beautifully packaged gifts, making it an ideal spot for finding something special for loved ones or treating yourself. Their exquisite packaging and selection of gourmet products ensure that every purchase is not just a gift but an experience to be cherished.

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