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Beautiful, sustainable home fragrances from the finest natural ingredients


We are a female-founded home fragrance brand based in London, dedicated to creating high-quality, luxury home fragrances at affordable prices. 

Our founder, Alia Shah, shares her love for the power of fragrance; the ability to bring a piece of wellness into our homes. Candalia is a curated range of hand-poured scented candles and reed diffusers inspired by her passion for travel, fragrance, and self-care. Her vision is to enhance the well-being of our inner self through the ambience of these aromatic scents.

Having always appreciated beauty, wellness and passion for home décor, interiors, design and fashion, she aspired to create a home fragrance collection complimenting a room exuding luxury and style.

All Candalia products are sourced from the finest ingredients to create fragrances that are sustainable, luxurious and high quality. The hand-poured 100% natural wax candles, along with the complementary range of exquisite reed diffusers, provide the perfect fragrant additions to any home.

Candalia’s inspiring range offers more than just a background aroma. Packed full of carefully considered fruity scents, flowery notes and earthy tones sourced from across the globe, each fragrance has been meticulously considered to enrich the inner self and build an ambience that enhances well-being.

Whether recreating a memory or complementing a personality, a fragrance from Candalia makes a wonderful statement. Exuding luxury, effortless elegance and a sophisticated aura, Candalia truly enhances the power of fragrance to create desirable and harmonious scents for the home.

Importance of quality and attention to detail is key in the Candalia team. Every day we work on how to improve what we offer customers and we are always attentive to changes in our environment to keep up to date. We are also on a constant mission to live more sustainably and give back to our Earth. We are currently partnering with SeaTrees on their Bali Coral Project where every order placed helps plant coral reefs in Indonesia.

It is truly a blessing for us to be able to share our passion with the world and we hope you love our fragrances as much as we love making them

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