An Italian Culinary Adventure in the Heart of Mayfair

Conveniently located in Mayfair, one of London’s most esteemed neighbourhoods, Bocconcino offers an unparalleled Italian dining experience. From the moment you step through its doors, you are welcomed into a world of first-class service and authentic Italian flavours. The restaurant is divided into two distinct areas, each exuding its own unique vibe.

Elevate Your Dining with Live Music and Romance

The ground floor transports you to the romantic backdrops of Italy’s traditional trattorias, setting the stage for an intimate culinary encounter. Venture to the lower ground floor, and the atmosphere escalates, enriched by live music that captivates your senses. At the heart of Bocconcino’s culinary prowess is Head Chef Marco Corsica, a native of Italy, who infuses the menu with ingredients and techniques from diverse Italian regions—be it Tuscany, Rome, Sicily or Napoli. Specialising in fresh seafood, meats, and traditional open fire-cooked pizzas, Marco’s offerings captivate the palate and soul alike.

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