Bennett Winch

Bennett Winch

A Haven of Luxurious Leather Goods


Bennett Winch, located in the heart of Mayfair at 34 Savile Row, represents the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship in leather goods. Renowned for its dedication to British heritage, each product from Bennett Winch is a testament to handcrafted perfection. The finest leathers are selected and transformed into exquisite pieces through meticulous attention to detail, ensuring both durability and elegance. Bennett Winch has become a symbol of distinction for discerning travellers and gentlemen connoisseurs, offering an array of products that blend functionality with understated luxury.

Exquisite Luggage and Timeless Accessories

At the core of Bennett Winch’s offerings is its magnificent luggage collection, featuring heirloom-quality weekenders, garment bags, and holdalls. Each piece serves as a canvas for their signature blend of practicality and subtle luxury, making them ideal companions for any journey. Beyond the realm of travel, Bennett Winch extends its craftsmanship to an array of leather briefcases, backpacks, and wallets. Each item is infused with a timeless aesthetic that transcends passing fashions, embodying a blend of classic style and modern utility. Stepping into the flagship store on Savile Row is akin to entering a sanctuary of refined taste.

Whether you are embarking on a global adventure or seeking an elegant addition to your daily ensemble, Bennett Winch offers an unparalleled journey into the world of fine leather craftsmanship. Discover why this Mayfair gem is the whispered secret among those who cherish the finer things in life.

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