Bar des Prés

Bar des Prés

Where Culinary Worlds Converge in Mayfair.


In the exclusive district of Mayfair, Bar des Prés stands as a testament to culinary evolution and international fusion. Marking renowned chef Cyril Lignac’s inaugural international sojourn, this establishment is a refined rendition of the legendary Saint-Germain eatery. Bar des Prés embodies a perfect blend, intertwining the finesse of French craftsmanship, the dynamism of London, and the uniqueness of Japanese flair.

A Culinary Journey of Fusion and Tradition

Step into a realm where Franco-East Asian influences entwine harmoniously. Each dish narrates a story of impeccable seasonal ingredients, revered traditional techniques, and innovative culinary artistry. The menu beckons with tantalising offerings: the delightful interplay of Green asparagus paired with caramelised miso; the textured sensation of Crunchy crab & avocado galette enriched with madras. Indulge in the delicate balance of Native lobster salad, accentuated by strawberries, elderflower, and fresh almond. For those inclined towards seafood, the Tuna tartare, available with or without the opulence of caviar, is a must-try. And, not to be overshadowed, the meat delicacies, epitomised by the Satay fillet steak, echo Cyril Lignac’s distinctive touch.

Yet, the crescendo of this culinary concert might just lie in its desserts. Honouring Cyril Lignac’s esteemed background as a master pastry chef, the dessert offerings pay homage to revered French classics. Revel in the rich decadence of the Guanaja chocolate soufflé or the layered indulgence of Pecan praline mille-feuille.

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