A Riviera Feast in the Heart of Mayfair.


In the sophisticated enclave of London’s Mayfair district, Bagatelle offers a delightful gastronomic journey to the French Riviera. Established for discerning palates, this venue evokes the generous and vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean coastline right in the heart of the city. Visitors are enchanted by its authentic menu, mirroring the richness and diversity of the Riviera’s culinary heritage.

Savour the Riviera’s Best at Mayfair’s Bagatelle

Crafting dishes with utmost precision and passion, Bagatelle ensures every bite transports you straight to sun-soaked terraces overlooking azure waters. With every dish curated to perfection, the restaurant stands as an embodiment of fine French dining in the midst of Mayfair, London. Frequented by both locals and travellers, ‘Bagatelle’ stands out as a beacon of culinary brilliance, intertwining the art of French cooking with the magnificence of London’s dining scene.

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