Arthur Sleep

Arthur Sleep

Redefining Luxury Footwear


Arthur Sleep stands as a beacon of innovation and luxury in the world of bespoke footwear. Operating from its trailblazing microfactory on the iconic Savile Row, Arthur Sleep has the distinction of being London’s first shoe factory in over a century. The brand specialises in creating custom luxury shoes for men, women, and children, each pair crafted with an extraordinary level of care and precision. This microfactory setup, a pioneer in high-speed, decentralised manufacturing, allows Arthur Sleep to offer a unique experience: exquisite bespoke footwear produced with unparalleled efficiency.

Pioneering Hyper-Proximity Manufacturing

Arthur Sleep’s approach to shoemaking is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. The micro-factories, occupying just 64 square metres, embody a new era of hyper-proximity manufacturing. This compact, efficient setup enables Arthur Sleep to produce tailor-made shoes within a single day, a remarkable feat in the world of luxury footwear. Clients at Arthur Sleep are not just purchasing a pair of shoes; they are partaking in an exclusive process that results in footwear uniquely theirs, combining the best of London’s sartorial heritage with cutting-edge production techniques.

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