6 Hamilton Place

6 Hamilton Place

Global Flavours, Expertly Crafted


6 Hamilton Place stands as a culinary beacon in Mayfair, offering an exceptional dining experience that is both unique and indulgent. Known for its long-standing tradition of exquisite food, this restaurant prides itself on using seasonal ingredients, sourced both locally and from exotic locations around the world. The heart of its culinary philosophy lies in the delicate preparation of dishes by a team of internationally renowned chefs.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu, showcasing the rich and varied flavours of Middle-Eastern cuisine alongside authentic Chinese dishes from regions like Sichuan, North East, and Cantonese. This blend of culinary traditions provides guests with a unique opportunity to explore different tastes and textures, all under one roof.

A Fusion of Traditions

At 6 Hamilton Place, every meal is an adventure. The chefs, selected from across the globe, bring their own unique styles and techniques to the table, creating a fusion of traditional and contemporary flavours. The menu is carefully curated to reflect the best of each cuisine, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience. Whether it’s the bold spices of the Middle East or the subtle complexities of Chinese cooking, guests can expect a journey of taste that is both authentic and innovative.

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