1 Hotel Mayfair

1 Hotel Mayfair

Breathe Deep. Live Green


Urban Oasis Awaits

Stepping into 1 Hotel Mayfair, a brand new addition to London’s prestigious Mayfair district, feels like entering a haven of calm amidst the city’s buzz. Opened in [Year], this sustainable luxury hotel offers a unique experience, blending modern comforts with a deep respect for the environment. Lush greenery and natural materials are woven throughout the hotel, creating a refreshing and nature-inspired ambience.

Relaxation and Exploration

Spacious rooms boast stunning views of the London skyline, while in-room features like filtered water taps and eco-friendly toiletries showcase the hotel’s commitment to sustainable practices. Venture beyond your room to discover a vibrant restaurant serving seasonal, locally sourced dishes, a cosy bar with a welcoming atmosphere, and a state-of-the-art gym. The hotel’s central location puts you within walking distance of iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and world-renowned museums.

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