Interesting things to do while in London

Visit London and take advantage of the city’s incredible array of attractions and activities. Visitors and locals alike will find many things to do and see in and around the city, from well-known tourist destinations like the tour of Mayfair to more unconventional options for when you’re out and about in the majestic city of London.

British Museum

The British Museum houses one of the world’s most impressive collections of antiquities, with more than 13 million objects from the prehistoric era on display. There are magnificent items from Europe, Babylonia, Assyria, China, and many other places in this vast museum.

Tourists often begin their visit with the museum’s most well-known displays like the Egyptian mummies.

The Big Ben

Big Ben, the 318-foot clock tower with its thunderous bell, is the quintessential landmark that must be seen. The BBC’s clock, the tolling of Big Ben, is as well-known a symbol as Tower Bridge’s. The Parliament, which has served as the home of the British government for centuries, can be found just a few blocks down the Thames from the Tower of London.

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The National Museum

It’s practically impossible to travel to London and not see the National Gallery’s amazing collection. The magnificent works of art housed in this columned museum on the border of Trafalgar Square make it one of London’s most popular tourist destinations.

In addition to being one of the world’s best art museums, London’s National Gallery exhibits an almost full overview of European artwork from 1250 to the 1920s. The museum’s main assets are its holdings of Italian and Dutch masters.


War Cabinets of Churchill

When it comes to London’s historic landmarks, Winston Churchill’s war room is one of the most interesting and memorable of all time. As the Nazis’ grip on Europe grew, their simple and confined conditions underscored England’s precarious situation.

A small room where Winston Churchill used to sleep as well as an improvised studio where he delivered his legendary wartime speeches will be on display. Simple elements like  Churchill’s wife knitting wool indicating Europe’s battlefronts bring the time period to life as nothing else in a museum can. A solo tour takes around an hour and a half; audio tours are provided; a restaurant and bookshop are on-site.


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